Drinking days: Nov. 4, 2009

Nov. 10: On this day in 1975, Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Canadian waters in Lake Superior. Tales of disaster at sea are in our blood as Canadians; tonight, some whiskey should be too.

Nov. 13: It’s Friday the 13th! It’s too creepy to be sober, so go get hammered. But be wary – with the superstitious day and your diminished sense of inhibition, who knows what could happen.

Nov. 20: New Moon is released in theatres this day. If you’re into cheesy vampire fiction, go see it. But everyone else should be drinking and longing for the time when pop culture didn’t suck.

Nov. 21: Nov. 21 is World Hello Day. Anybody can participate just by saying hello to 10 people. If this doesn’t sound fun to you wasted, then you’re not using alcohol properly.