Drinking days: Dec. 2, 2009


Dec. 9: On this day in 1970, the smallpox virus was certified as extinct, marking the only human disease to ever be fully eradicated. Raise a glass knowing that there’s one less thing in the world out there to kill you.

Dec. 12: This year, Hannukah begins on this day. Why restrict yourself to spiked eggnog and New Year’s this month when you can light up the menorah, scarf down some latkes, get smashed and play spin the dreidel?

Dec. 21: Dec. 21 is global orgasm day, a day to dedicate an orgasm to the cause of world peace. No, seriously, it’s a thing – see for yourself at www.globalorgasm.org, then go get drunk and participate.

Dec. 26: The 26 is Boxing Day, but it’s also the first day in over a month that you’ll be able to watch TV or listen to music that isn’t Christmas related. Plus, you’ll have plenty of gift money, so why not go get loaded?

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