Do you need to go shopping?

Do you know what the worst part is about being broke? The realization, upon entering any establishment that sells any sort of commodity, that you cannot afford to buy a thing.

I personally find when I’m running low on funds it’s always when I have the most frequent urges to shop. It also seems to be the only time that I can ever find things that I actually want to buy. It’s like some evil Shopaholic Karma that bites you in the ass the second you’ve gained a little bit of self -control.

If you’re like me, then you can rationalize spending money. There have been times where I’ve seriously considered giving up groceries for a week to get my hands on new clothes. So if you ever need help convincing yourself that a new outfit, shoes or even a new gadget is necessary, feel free to check out this flowchart.

You’ll thank me, I swear.

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