Defeating the growing stresses of ‘old man winter’

The Starks were right: winter has come.

The Starks were right: winter has come.

The first snowflakes have fallen, the temperature has dropped, your workload has grown scarier and the taunting thought of finals remind you of your expected doom.

Relax. You’ve made it through before and you’re going to again — you just need to find a remedy.

This is the point in every school year when students begin to doubt themselves. They start feeling like they are incapable of achieving the many tasks that stand before holiday vacation. Many feel helplessly behind. How can you possibly catch up? Locking yourself in the library may not be the best solution.

Our suggestion is to do something that will calm you down. This can be cooking, cleaning, watching a movie, reading a novel or hanging out with friends — anything that will help you take your mind off your endless check list. Find your therapy and meditate away. Free your skull of all those pounding worries and take on each challenge one step at a time, regardless of how tedious each step may appear. Don’t allow yourself to break down. Restart your engine and accelerate through — just don’t total your car.

If you’re stressing about an approaching assignment or exam, unsure of how to handle the work ahead, take the time to meet with professors. They are there to help you learn and are normally more than willing to help you achieve your goals. Knowing what your prof expects of you is one way to lighten the burden. It allows you to understand what is being asked of you enough to take control.

Instead of locking yourself in a study lounge and chugging countless energy drinks, time manage your day and make room for other priorities. Schedule an early morning workout, set aside time to cook a healthy meal, talk to your family on the phone and allow yourself to clear your mind. Look forward to what’s waiting on the other side of your hard work. Pretty soon, you’ll remember that it’s all worth it.    

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