Dear Life: September 29, 2010


Dear Life,

What the fuck Laurier. Get your internet shit together. I have been in class for two fucking weeks and so far I haven’t been able to connect once to Laurier Wifi.
I would try connecting to Laurier Wireless, but what the fuck, the settings changed over the summer and I can’t fucking connect to it!
I only go to class for two things to take a vague semblance of “notes” and to delve deeper and deeper into the nether-regions of the internet. Your fucking lack of anything resembling IT at this school is hindering both of these goals.

Sincerely, It’s 2010, get your shit together fuck heads.

Dear Life,

Please, thank you and excuse me go a long way, feel free to say it when ever it feels right. Also, take your sunglasses off inside, this isn’t Jersey Shore.

Sincerely, Did your parents raise you right?

Dear Life,

Why do so many people care what I wear to class? This isn’t high school anymore. Leggings are comfortable and I enjoy wearing them and that’s all that matters. Who are these people to preach to me what I should and should not wear? I don’t care what other people wear to class and it’s about time everyone else stopped caring as well. Also, pretty sure my butt is always covered by a long shirt.

Sincerely, I will continue to wear leggings, partly just to spite you

Dear Life,

The profs are slowing me down. Post your damn notes online in time.

Sincerely, Student that actually needs to study

Dear Life,

To whoever wrote “I Don’t Need to See your Borders and Boundaries,” will you marry me? Leggings are not pants and your bum is your business, keep it to yourself.

Sincerely, Buy a pair of jeans

Dear Life,

I don’t see what the problem is with leggings. I look good in them, you don’t, so you wear your sweatpants, I’ll wear my leggings.

Sincerely, We know your butt is saggy under those sweatpants.

Dear Life,

Don’t we pay Laurier enough to have air conditioning in the Peters building classrooms? It’s hard enough to sit through a three hour lecture WITHOUT the feeling of being in a sauna.

Sincerely, Would rather go to the gym to sweat!

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