Darrin Rose talks to The Cord

Comedian Darrin Rose stopped by Wilf’s last night (Sept. 21) to host Axe’s Tongue Twist Campus Challenge.

Hired to host the gig, which has been travelling around to Canadian universities all month, Rose chatted with The Cord before he hit the stage to explain the competition.

“It’s Chat Roulette. Three girls at home on their web cams and guys come up and attempt to chat them up for as long as possible, and when the girls are uninterested they can just next them.”

Each guy got to talk to three girls for 90 seconds each, with the highest score being awarded to whoever could keep the girls interested the longest.

An iPad was given away to the winning Laurier student.

When asked about the funniest pick-up lines used by male students at other schools, Rose recounted one guy who started by talking about the time he rode a donkey, “which was weird.”

Rose noted that the best lines seemed to be non-sequiturs that caught girls off-guard, but kept the conversation interesting.

He stated before the show that Laurier could expect “some guys to be more impressive than you’d think and many, many men to humiliate themselves.”

These predictions didn’t take long to come true, with the opening contestant starting his first chat by asking, “Do you like farts?” and being met with audience laughter, though it was all in good fun.

Rose went on to speak about the different aspects of his career as a comedian.

The hosting gig that brought him to Wilf’s was rather out of the ordinary for the Canadian funnyman.

“I’m hosting Chat Roulette. It’s a preposterous job,” said Rose, laughing at the bizarre position he had found himself in.

As for his work on television programs like Much Music’s Video on Trial and a recently filmed sitcom pilot for CBC, he joked about the star treatment he receives.

Rose marveled at the crews waiting on television stars, asking things like, “Are you okay? Are you warm enough? Are you cold enough? Do you need somebody to rub your feet?” then jokingly admitted that, “TV’s the best. It’s not like at Much Music though, Much Music’s super ghetto.”

Rose loves stand-up shows as well, for totally different reasons. “Stand-up is fun because you own all of it,” he said.

With appearances on Video On Trial he gets minimal screen time.

He explained that the act of getting up on stage in front of an audience and letting them hear his original content is more “exciting” than intimidating.

Looking to the future, Rose will be touring universities and comedy festivals in England, continuing with the early stages of a CBC sitcom and “hopefully actually taking a nap.”