Cutting Edge Music Festival

When: Aug. 1-3
Where: Bingeman’s Camping Resort

Cutting Edge Music Festival (CEMF) is no doubt striving to reach a variety of audiences this year with its diverse lineup – mixing renowned punk and metal acts like illScarlett, Kingdoms and Protest the Hero with hip-hop artists like The Roots and Lady Sovereign.

According to organizer Carey Kurtin, the festival tries to give each person in attendance an opportunity to experience new and different things.

“The goal is to give everybody a taste of something different. We try to make it something where all different people from all different places can come together,” he said.

The festival, which began four years ago at the beach town of Grand Bend, Ontario, has brought together over 5,000 people daily in the past.

Kurtin explains that this year organizers have introduced a new element to the festival: the Dance Warehouse.

It will be a nightclub within the campgrounds that opens each night when daytime acts are finished and will feature acts like Mixmaster Mike of the Beastie Boys and DJ Andy C.

“We’ve created this so that the festival doesn’t have to be over when the acts are finished,” said Kurtin. “This gives people the option to go all night and have a good time.”

While Kurtin makes no guarantees, he predicts that some daily passes may be available at the door.

Check out performances by:

The Bronx – Saturday, Aug. 1

The Artist Life – Saturday, Aug. 1

ill Scarlett – Sunday, Aug. 2

Bedouin Soundclash – Sunday, Aug. 2

The Roots – Sunday, Aug. 2

Dinosaur Bones – Sunday, Aug. 2
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