Collision at King and University

On Wednesday afternoon, two vehicles collided at the corner of King St. and University Ave., an intersection frequented by students walking to and from class.

The first car, a black 2-door Chevrolet Cobalt was turning left from University Ave. onto King St. when it was hit by a black Ford Windstar driving west on University. One witness said both vehicles were running through a yellow light.

A pedestrian, University of Waterloo student Steven Michailidis, who was crossing King St. on foot, said he was almost hit by one of the cars, though he was unsure of which vehicle, as his back was to the crash. Michailidis called 911 after the accident.

According to witness Alannah McConville, the airbags were deployed in the Cobalt, and the driver of that car was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

“They were both braking,” said McConville, a Laurier student. “There was a lot of squealing.”