Candidates prepare for WLUSP election

Presidential candidates

Emily Frost
Over the last three years, I have been involved with WLUSP as a DJ, Manager and Executive at Radio Laurier, and a contributor to The Cord. Additionally, I have been active in policy writing and strategic planning and as a member of the re-branding committee. Consequently, I have gained a strong understanding of the organization’s history and have been equipped with the knowledge, ideals and values to lead it into the future.

My experience as a volunteer in these facets of WLUSP is vital to the support that I will be able to provide volunteers as President. It is my belief that volunteers should have a strong understanding of the inner workings of WLUSP and the opportunity to provide support to our Board of Directors. I will ensure accessibility of myself and information to volunteers so their goals remain at the core of WLUSP.

WLUSP President must ensure that volunteers are given the best experience possible. I will seek out new opportunities for training to help them further their knowledge and skills. Implementing these ideals while showing volunteer appreciation will result in the continued success of our publications.

It is essential that WLUSP continues to aggressively fundraise to increase our resources. My experience spearheading such events as WLUSP’s Hawktoberfest as Events Manager exemplifies my commitment to increasing revenue for WLUSP and to growing within the Waterloo community.

As President of WLUSP you can be assured that I will bring my enthusiasm, experience and leadership skills to make 2012/2013 a success!

Mike Lakusiak
In my three years at WLUSP, I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with something I genuinely care about. It has allowed me to supplement the vague credential provided by my degree with some real experience. I’ve been able to build contacts and skills in a field I intend to pursue as a career and share an office with some of the most impassioned, tireless individuals I have ever encountered. I want to expand on the role I took on last year as a director on the WLUSP board and run for the position of president, chair of the board and publisher.

WLUSP has potential to be the foremost student media organization in the country (if not the world), and if we can continue to provide an environment for students to develop and hone skills that lead them into publishing, broadcasting and other media, there’s no reason why we won’t continue to be recognized as such.

As a volunteer and editor at The Cord, I’ve had opportunities I would never have had otherwise, and if elected president I intend to work to keep that the case for incoming volunteers in any WLUSP department.

We offer the best and most valuable experience of any activity students can engage in on Laurier’s campuses.

We allow students to create something tangible beyond their regular curriculum. I’ve spent the last three years experiencing this, now I want to make sure a foundation is in place for others.
Disclaimer: Mike Lakusiak is the In Depth Editor for The Cord

Board of Directors candidates

Kayla Darrach
Over the last two years I have had the pleasure of being a part of this wonderful organisation. After a year with Radio Laurier I became Street Team coordinator, a position that has allowed me to see the many facets of this organisation and interact with a great number of its members. Through this experience I have gained an appreciation for every department and a want for a more shared experience. As part of the WLUSP board of directors I will encourage volunteers and departments to work together and play off of each other’s strengths, to maintain and increase collaboration, visibility in the community and a better understanding for one another. I will encourage open communication between departments, volunteers and the board to allow for joint projects and teams. Through this kind of work I feel we can gain an even greater volunteer experience and realize the potential of WLUSP.

Joseph McNinch-Pazzano
Having had experience with The Cord as both a volunteer and as part of the editorial board, I recognize the fundamental importance of an independent and viable student media. As part of the WLUSP Board of Directors, my primary goal will be securing the role of student media for many years to come. This means advocating strong financial viability, an energized and growing volunteer base, a more integral role in the broader Waterloo region and delivering compelling and relevant media products for all students. In a constantly changing media environment, WLUSP must also harness the opportunity of social and web media in a variety of different capacities to ensure that all WLUSP departments are competitive and relevant. The importance of media in a university setting cannot be overstated and I look forward to the opportunity to represents Laurier’s students on the WLUSP Board of Directors.

Tom Paddock
As a Director for WLUSP, I will work along side the Board, volunteers and staff of WLUSP to ensure that the organization continues producing the highest quality of publication, while providing students in the Laurier community with meaningful experiences. If re-elected, I will apply my previous knowledge obtained through serving as a director and treasurer of WLUSP. I will ensure that the organization continues to keep both the Laurier student body and Waterloo Region informed through quality publications. The volunteers and staff are the driving forces behind WLUSP and I will make certain that the opportunities for continuous learning and growth remains. What is so unique about this organization is that students are able to develop skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom, but will be utilized in the real world. My trustworthiness, honesty and dedication will serve as imperative characteristics of a director.

Jon Pryce
As a returning Director of the Board, I will use my experience to provide sound guidance and strategic direction for WLUSP. I will ensure that all finances are properly calculated and evaluated, that policies are up-to-date and improved, and that the strategic plan is thoroughly re-examined — but not radically changed — by the incoming Board. Further, I will ensure that each member of the organization is well informed, engaged and represented in the governance process.  I was involved in the recalibration of the Risk Management policy for the organization, and I will continue to be proactive and provide assistance with any new policy initiatives.   It is important that Directors attend a reasonable number of events that the organization holds in order to seek input and provide feedback; I will work towards being present at more of these initiatives.

Justin Smirlies
Student media has a vital role in the WLU community because it offers students, faculty and local citizens valuable insight when it comes to providing news and entertainment.
As a devoted contributor and editor to The Cord for the past year, I further realized how necessary our student media is and why it should continue to exist, especially considering that WLU offers very little hands-on experience in the fields of journalism, radio production and publishing.
If elected as a director, I will work with the board, executive director and president to ensure that WLUSP continues to run effectively and efficiently on campus and that a separate, but equally important, voice is heard. Though many will disagree with that particular “voice”, it’s still crucial that these publications continue to work together with each other and the Laurier community.
Disclaimer: Justin Smirlies is the Campus News Editor for The Cord

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