Canada in brief: November 7, 2012

ServiceOntario kiosks out of service for good
The Ontario Liberal government will be eliminating the use of ServiceOntario kiosks, which can be used currently to update information or renew license plates, among a total of 40 services. The province hosts 72 of the kiosks, all of which were shut down in June and will be removed due to safety and security issues. The issues revolved around attempted personal information theft from the machine. Copying the magnetic strip on debit  and credit cards was one particular problem. Customers can now either use ServiceOntario centres or access services online.

BC tries out new transit security sytstem
British Columbia will be stepping up its transit security after an explosive device was discovered on the SkyTrain track on Friday afternoon. Enhanced security will be used for at least the week, with the transit police force adopting a model similar to that used by New York transit. The plan is called Transit Order Maintenance Sweeps (TOMS) and it involves officers greeting and visually monitoring passengers as they exit and enter the train.  The presence is intended to be highly visible and reassure passengers of their safety. The investigation to discover the origin of the explosive device is ongoing. It is currently unknown how the device could have been placed on the train.

– Compiled by Lindsay Purchase

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