Cross-country head coach hospitalized

On Nov. 20, Peter Grinbergs, the head coach for Laurier’s cross-country and track teams, was found in his apartment by emergency services, unable to move and without food or water for four days.

campaign listed by Grinberg’s daughter on crowdfunding site, GoFundMe, explained that doctor’s have speculated the cause might have been a severe gout attack. The description goes on to note that since being hospitalized, doctor’s have also discovered the existence of a stomach ulcer as well as a blood clot in his lung.

The GoFundMe campaign, which has already exceeded it’s $25000 goal, notes that funds will be used to “pay Peter’s ongoing bills while he is in the hospital,”
“pay for the clean-up of his current living space,” and “support his household expenses once he is discharged from the hospital.”

The Golden-Hawk’s Cross-Country team recently competed in the U Sports Cross-Country Championships, where they improved upon their record and saw a shining performance from Bettina Boucher.

More information to come.

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