Blue Slide Park: Miller’s Debut


Mac Miller released his first album Blue Slide Park on Nov. 8. After a string of successful mix tapes, such as K.I.D.S and Best Day Ever, Mac Miller has become a recognizable name among many teens and young adults across the U.S. and Canada.

As a testament of his success, he is featured on the cover of the highly acclaimed Billboard magazine. Blue Slide Park, according 19-year-old Miller, is the pinnacle of his rapping career up to this point.

The album has a variety of his famous funky beats and provides a combination of different tempos and styles of rap that make for an incredible music-listening experience.

Tapping into culture that Miller promotes with his music, he’s the voice of a generation of teens who long to enjoy the simple life of their childhood.

He never forgets his roots; the single “English Lane” reminisces on his time spent at Pittsburgh’s Blue Slide Park as a child. After rising to affluence so quickly, Miller has been able to show teens that anything is possible with passion and determination. “Man in the Hat,” for example, is one of my favourites on the album because it speaks to living in harmony with everyone and enjoying the journey to success.

Miller appreciates the help that his friends have provided him with, through thick and thin.

“My Team” shows the respect that he has for the people who remained with him as he ascended to success. Miller takes pride in his close friends, conveying the message to never forget those who helped you become something you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

But of course, what would Miller’s music be without the inclusion of Mary Jane. Many fans say that listening to his music in another state of mind is needed for an optimal experience, but pressing play is all you need to get the best of this album.

Instead of discounting his music, simply embrace the smooth tempo of “One Last Thing” or the incredibly well-produced song “Blue Slide Park.” Looking again at the debut, Mac Miller is offering the world his first album that — after spending hours of listening and finding inspiration in the lyrics — is truly great. Through reminiscing, teen empowerment and lessons of success, Miller has provided an album that isn’t just a series of tracks, but a work of art.

In all of Miller’s music up to this point, he has always focused on the simple things in life and expressed his love for music and making his mom proud.

Let’s take in his message and continue our own journeys to success, never forgetting about our own Blue Slide Park.

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