Blockbusters and total flops: The movies of summer


(Lena Yang -- Graphics Editor)
(Graphic by Lena Yang)

What do Top Gun, Die Hard, Back to the Future and The Dark Knight all have in common? Other than being great action packed movies, they are all some of the most successful summer blockbusters of all time. Since the first summer movie smash hit, Jaws, was released in 1975, studios have been trying to save their most profitable movies for the summer in order to dominate the silver scre3en.

This summer has a few flicks that are sure to deliver some big numbers at the box office, but the real question is which ones will really be worth going to see. Luckily, I can help take out the guess work and enlighten you on which ones will deserve your $11.95 ticket admission.

The Great Gatsby – May 10: The famous American tale of sex, lies and conspicuous consumption might be one of the best novels of all time but can its awesomeness translate on the 2013 big screen? With Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire leading the way, the emotionally raw story of Jay, Nick and Daisy will undoubtedly explode on screen.  Plus a soundtrack produced by Jay-Z can’t hurt.
Verdict: Must see.

Fast & Furious 6 – May 24: This series was done after they took it to the streets of Tokyo. That was about seven years ago. The Fast & Furious series has really tried to extend their relevance and has noticeably exhausted all their fresh plot ideas. I can imagine that this next installment will be filled with fast car burnouts and lots of Vin Diesel muscle flexing.
Verdict: Waste of time.

The Hangover Part 3 – May 24: With the infamous Wolf Pack hitting the road again for the final chapter in the Hangover series, we can expect to see a disappointing conclusion. The original movie was considerably funnier and fresher than the second one and I can only imagine what the third one is going to be like. Sometimes tigers, babies, missing teeth and Zack Galifianakis’ awkward humor can get old quick.
Verdict: Waste of time.

Star Trek: Into Darkness – May 17: From the brilliant mind of director/producer J.J. Abrams, the second installment in the newly remade Star Trek series is sure to wow audiences with its large scale intergalactic action sequences. Those already familiar with the Star Trek universe and even those who aren’t will particularly enjoy revisiting Captain Kirk and friends. Verdict: Must see.

Man of Steel – June 14: Clark Kent is back at it this summer and it is sure not to disappoint. Starring British actor Henry Cavill as the man of steel himself, this 2013 remake of the comic book classic will include something for everyone. An emotional story followed with superior visual effects and great acting will fly the man of steel to great bock office heights. Verdict: Must see.

World War Z – June 21: Brad Pitt’s latest flick about a global zombie apocalypse will be this summer’s most surprising blockbuster. With little marketing and promo, World War Z will still deliver a tasteful yet thrilling zombie movie that can appeal to the masses. With a star-studded cast and flawless production team, this summer blockbuster will attract zombie fanatics and Brad Pitt admirers alike. Verdict: Must see.

Hopefully this can guide you to a successful and pleasurable summer movie experience. As well, we hope you give this review two thumbs up.

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