Bingemans’ student night is an Oktoberfest event worth attending

Bingemans is tradition for Wilfrid Laurier University students going to Oktoberfest. Always filled with jubilant students and loud music, the atmosphere brilliantly represents the spirit of Oktoberfest.

The Water Buffalos (Buffs) promoted the event for Laurier students by selling tickets and organizing buses to and from the Bingemans tent. Yes, I said tent. It was a change in venue that most Oktoberfesters were not expecting.

Instead of being in the large Marshall hall as in previous years, with an extensive casino section and different bars, it was one rectangular tent in a parking lot. In summary, the venue was disappointing. Luckily, a good time at Oktoberfest does not rely upon venue; most students were happy to give up the indoor luxuries to walk on pavement and drink with their closest (and possibly newest) friends for the night.

This particular night was student night at Oktoberfest, with buses coming in from Western, the University of Toronto, and other universities situated around Southern Ontario.

A ten dollar ticket was a steal for entrance into the tent and a seat on the Buffs’ buses. Walking in, the George Cash band was playing. Cash, who’s known for chugging while doing headstands, later told me he’s being doing that at Oktoberfest since 1978.

They began by playing more traditional German music, which everyone loves to drink beer to. After the band had pretty much exhausted the song that had everyone doing the chicken dance, they moved on to old hits. A vivid memory of a large sweaty gentlemen belting out the chorus to “Sweet Home Alabama” made the song resonate in particular.

The beer line wasn’t too crowded. A two to five minute wait to get a pint was by no means long compared to the Concordia club the night before. It would be safe to say the speed of the beer line can be attributed to the students’ preoccupation with the dance floor.

The schnitzel was to die for in typical Oktoberfest fashion, and the ladies in lederhosen were prettier than ever.

Regardless of the different location, the atmosphere at Bingemans Thursday night couldn’t have been better. Everyone was making friends, dancing foolishly and drinking beer. The tent with its music and mood optimized the Oktoberfest experience and the loving patrons of this event reaped the benefits.

Bingemans Oktoberfest is an annual event worth attending.

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