Bedouin Soundclash

Laura Sedgwick: I’ve seen Bedouin play so many times! You guys are great, but the last time I saw you play you were without Pat Pengelly, your former drummer, how has that changed the dynamic of your band?
Bedouin Soundclash: Well, its been really positive in terms of moving forward and moving into the next chapter of what we want to do, but obviously when you have a member leave it’s hard to get back to where you were at. We had played 3000 shows together, or something like that. But our band right now is the tightest it’s ever been and everyone there is just trying to make the show as amazing as it can be. And obviously we play a bit differently, but I’m really liking the way it’s sounding. We just played the best show I felt we ever played two nights ago in San Diego.

LS: Who were you touring with in San Diego?
BS: Who was opening the shows? This band called The Lions. They’re like a reggae act, half the dudes were from this old band call Hubcat. And we were also with this three-piece hip-hop outfit called Rootbeer.

LS: Is Bedouin really big in the States?
BS: Um, no. (laughs) Well, we sold our show out and San Diego was probably about 600 kids.

LS: What has been the biggest show you’ve ever played?
BS: Probably with No Doubt in Chicago. I think there was 32,000 people.

LS: I saw you open for No Doubt in London, ON.
BS: Oh, right on!

LS: So have you found a new permanent drummer yet?
BS: Right now it’s just me and Eon. We have a horn section and Marco plays the drums, but right now we’re just keeping it ourselves as a duo and writing the record as a duo then we’ll figure things out from there.

LS: What’s your new record called?
BS: We don’t know yet.

LS: Do you know when it’s coming out?
BS: Spring 2010.

LS: You mentioned you have a horn section, right? A trumpet and sax player. Did they just join you after Pat left?
BS: No, they played when Pat was there, I think for one tour across Canada. I think it was in October.

LS: What do they add to the band?
BS: Just the party, man. They bring the party! No, um, they’re really good players. It brings out a whole new element for us, like we’ve got a soulful element going for us now.

LS: Very cool! And how’s your weekend been so far at Cutting Edge?
BS: It’s been amazing! I’ve been here for about two hours and it’s sunny and there is a lot of great music taking place so I’m happy to be here!