Bastille tears down Toronto

If you’re not already familiar with the English band Bastille, then you have some catching up to do.

The band, which consists of four Londoners lead by vocalist Dan Smith, stormed up to the top of the charts in the United Kingdom following the release of their debut studio album, Bad Blood. The success for the band doesn’t stop there, as the group watched their single “Pompeii” skyrocket to number two on the UK chart.

Now, with the band well established overseas, they have begun to take their talents to North America for the first time, and performed at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto last Thursday to a hyped-up crowd for their only Canadian stop of the tour.

For those who don’t know what kind of sound to expect from an alternative rock band like Bastille, fans of the genre can compare the lyrics of Bastille, which are written by headman Dan Smith, to that of Band of Horses. However, in terms of sound, Bastille maintains a unique and homemade tone that is best fit for those who enjoy easy listening to a soft rock and acoustic tune.

To open the show, Bastille performed the title track of the album, “Bad Blood,” and throughout the rest of the evening he sang a series of songs from his album, as well as his mixtape, Bastille in Other People’s Heartache.

The hugely popular mixtape, which was released in early 2013, featured reinventions of classic love songs, such as “What Would You Do” by City High and “No Scrubs” by TLC.

Bastille’s artistic reimagining’s of these classics helped get the crowd going, and Smith fueled their enthusiasm when he joined the audience to sing amongst them.

Throughout the night Smith paid tribute to the fans by thanking them for attending the group’s first-ever Canadian show, and stimulated them with his energy and dancing combined with his playing of the keyboard.

Ultimately, as the night came to a close, Bastille saved their best for last, and played the fan favourite, “Pompeii,” which ensured that everyone went home satisfied after a great evening.

Moreover, judging by the resounding applause that the band was treated to as they left the stage, most of the audience plans on seeing Bastille next time they are in Toronto. They are definitely an up-and-coming band to watch as 2014 draws near.

After seeing the versatility that Bastille has displayed both in the studio and during live shows, rest assured that their popularity will grow as their tour progresses and lovers of the indie and alternative rock genre become accustomed to their unique sound and range.

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