Authorities investigate Snapchat posting

Screenshot that caused concern for Laurier. (Snapchat)
Screenshot that caused concern for Laurier. (Snapchat)

A week after Wilfrid Laurier University was closed due to an online threat, authorities are investigating an online Snapchat posting that raised concerns.

The posting is a man holding what has been determined as a replica gun saying “Tell Isis to find me in the science buildin” with an emoticon over his face. The image was sent to “laurier.snaps,” which reposts Snapchats sent to it. Police were made aware of the posting last Thursday evening.

The investigation is ongoing, but police have determined there is no immediate danger to Laurier and the university remains open. Police will continue to investigate the source of the posting and pursue charges as needed.

Additional officials from the Special Constable Services and Waterloo Regional Police will be available on campus and around Waterloo today.

Police alerted the university’s Special Constable Services when they found out about the posting, who immediately carried out an additional security sweep of the university’s science building and two adjacent buildings and no concerns were identified.

“It is unfortunate we have individuals in this community who appear to delight in attempts to intimidate others around them,” said WRPS chief Bryan Larkin in a press release. “Know that the Waterloo Regional Police are working diligently to identify the person(s) responsible for this post and lay charges as warranted. The safety of our academic institutions is of paramount importance to our police service.”

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