Arts bites: Oct. 28, 2009

Lily conquers addiction?

Twitter queen and always-hot topic in gossip blogs Lily Allen has given up 140 character life updates.

Signing off her last tweet with “I am a neo-luddite, goodbye,” on Sept. 28, Lily has now reportedly relinquished her BlackBerry and laptop at the request of her boyfriend.

No word yet on which relationship –with social networking or boyfriend Sam Cooper – is worse.

-Sarah Murphy

Morrissey not “Still Ill”

50 year-old Steven Patrick Morrissey collapsed on stage at a show in United Kingdom city Swindon on Oct. 24.

The singer has been stabilized in a hospital, but doctors are still not sure what caused the sudden reaction.

It quite likely has something to do with an overly tight suit and excessive inhalation of hairspray fumes.

-Sarah Murphy

Metallica works with FBI

After a 20-year old student named Morgan Harrington went missing outside of a Metallica show over a week ago, the classic metal rockers have donated $50,000 to the efforts to find the missing girl.

Good on you Metallica. But the fact that Metallica is working with the FBI is probably a sign that the world is over.

-Rebecca Vasluianu


It was announced this week that British comedian and the Office star, Ricky Gervais, will be hosting this year’s Golden Globe ceremony.

This isn’t odd in the sense that Gervais is hosting (he’s made a number of memorable presenting appearances across the awards board the last few years) but rather in the sense that the Globes haven’t had a host in almost 15 years.

-Wade Thompson