Arts bites: March 24, 2010


Jesse James is a jerk … but is this surprising?

Unless you have been allergic to pop-culture over the last week, you are no doubt aware that Sandra Bullock went AWOL after news leaked that her husband, motorcycle junkie Jesse James, allegedly slept with someone else.

The story broke when a woman named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee came forward with the information that she supposedly slept with the married man some time last year.

It gets better though. McGee is supposedly a devoted Nazi and white supremacist – she also has a tattoo on her forehead.

Combined with the fact that James is in the midst of a not-so-private custody battle with his ex-porn star first wife, we have to wonder how anyone was all that surprised by this “shocking” affair.

If anything, we should be shocked it took this long to happen.

-Wade Thompson

Pete Doherty arrested

Former member of the Libertines and frontman of English band Babyshambles Pete Doherty was arrested Friday in connection with the death of filmmaker and heiress Robin Whitehead in January.

Doherty allegedly supplied the drugs that killed Whitehead – who had just completed filming a documentary on the musician called The Road to Albion.

The film included footage of Doherty and others using crack and heroin in the apartment where Whitehead’s body was found.

-Mike Lakusiak

Chris Evans signed for Captain America saga

Well, it took a good year and a half, but they have finally found a suitor for Captain America’s shield.

The future leader of the Avengers falls upon the shoulders of none other than Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans.

The contract for the role allegedly has Evans committing to five separate films.

Evans may not be the perfect age to play Cap, but I think we can all get behind his casting once we know the alternative finalists for the role were Gossip Girl’s Sebastian Stan and the almighty stone-face Channing Tatum.­

-Wade Thompson

A bachelor of “funk”

Bassist of 70s funk powerhouse Parliament and Funkadelic Bootsy Collins is founding an online bass school called “Funk University” where students will be able to study under his personal direction.

Students of the school will be able to participate in recitals and video-conference with Collins.

He remarked, “Funk don’t funk around for nobody, so get funked up while you can.”

-Mike Lakusiak

Twitter heroes

Last Friday, a Florida man messaged celebrities Demi Moore and Nia Vardalos over Twitter warning that he would commit suicide.

The operators of both stars’ accounts called the authorities and the man was taken to the hospital.

Moral of the story: celebrity Twitter accounts can save lives. The most disturbing part is that they’ll probably make a movie about it.

– Rebecca Vasluianu

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