Arts bites: Jan. 20, 2010


Celine Dion tops music money-makers list

Celine Dion made the most money of any musician in the 2000s, according to a LA Times list.

Dion made almost $748 million in the last 10 years, including over $500 million from her stint as a performer in Las Vegas for 600 shows at Caesar’s Palace from 2003-07.

Kenny Chesney placed second with over $742 million.

Nearly two-thirds of that amount was made through concert ticket sales.

Despite not touring and being 50 per cent deceased, The Beatles still made over $600 million.

Numerous musicians and actors support Haiti

After last week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, artists have pledged support to a variety of relief initiatives.

On Jan. 22, George Clooney and Haitian-born rapper Wyclef Jean will host the “Hope for Haiti” telecast featuring Bono, Sting and Justin Timberlake, among others.

U2 and Jay-Z have collaborated to record a charity song produced by Swizz Beatz of “It’s Me Bitches” fame.

Perhaps disheartened that Jay-Z chose to work with U2 and not produce a charity remix of one of their songs, Linkin Park is one of many groups who donated songs for download to the organization Music for Relief.

Other artists including Lady Gaga have also donated the proceeds from upcoming concerts to the effort.

Dexter and the villain from Speed have cancer

Michael C. Hall of Dexter and Six Feet Under spoke of his battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last week, and film veteran Dennis Hopper filed for divorce while dying of prostate cancer.

Hall accepted his Golden Globe for best actor in a television drama wearing a toque and was mocked by a blogger unaware of his illness.

Hopper, director of Easy Rider, announced his illness in October.

Rocker Jay Reatard dies

Jay Reatard, whose latest album Watch Me Fall was critically acclaimed, was found dead at his home in Memphis last Wednesday.

Well-known for his powerful live shows including punching a fan who rushed the stage in Toronto in 2008, Reatard was an emerging talent in rock with an extensive catalogue. He reportedly died in his sleep.

Lloyd Banks arrested in Kitchener
G-Unit member Lloyd Banks and three of his entourage were arrested in Kitchener after a show in Brantford. After appearing hours late, the New York rapper left the stage at Club N.V. – Brantford’s only club.

After the promoter refused payment, Banks and his entourage robbed, confined for an hour and assaulted the man in his hotel room, leaving him hospitalized.

Banks posted bail of $50,000 but was unable to return to the U.S.

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