Arts bites: Feb. 9, 2010

White Stripes fans just don’t know what to do with themselves

Many music lovers were left heartbroken this week after the announcement that The White Stripes have decided to call it quits.

Meg and Jack White, previously married, have made 6 studio albums together, are known as “Detroit’s Rock Heroes” and have proven that two people can make as much noise as four. Although no explanation has been released for the sudden split, fans can console themselves with the knowledge that at least one White will continue to be a staple in the industry.

Frontman Jack White will continue to perform with his other groups — The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. Meg White has not announced whether she has any alternate plans as of yet.

—Allie Hincks & Emily Frost

Party on, Saturday Night Live!

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey returned to the show this past weekend, reprising their roles as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, the hard-rockin’ duo who made up both halves of Wayne’s World.

The pair caught the world up on Garth’s pubes, then proceeded to share with the audience their picks for this year’s Oscars. Winter’s Bone was by far their favourite, mostly because they couldn’t stop giggling at the title. Other highlights from the sketch included Garth’s review of Natalie Portman’s Black Swan performance (“I could make a Mila out of her Kunis”) and his approval of host Anne Hathaway (“Anne Hathaway of giving me a bone”).

The bit also included a nice little riff in the vain of Abbott and Costello where they tried to figure out “Who’s on Firth?” Both the sketch and the rest of the show (which Carvey hosted) brought back some much needed nostalgia to SNL, a show that has taken a nose dive as of late. Carvey was a good hosting choice, but it’s not looking good with Russell Brand scheduled to host next.

—Sarah Murphy

Woody Harrelson prepares for stint in Toronto

American actor Woody Harrelson, 49, is in the process of casting his upcoming Hart House Theatre production Bullet for Adolf.

The play is a comedy following the lives of eight characters whose paths cross in the summer of 1983. Harrelson, of Cheers fame, also co-wrote the production which will be on stage from April to May in Toronto.

The actor continues to praise Toronto, calling it his “favourite city in North America”. Harrelson also directed the production This Is Our Youth in Toronto in the summers of 2003 and 2004. Auditions for Bullet for Adolf will take place in Toronto from February 11-13.