Arts Bites

SAG Awards Exist

Apparently the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards took place Sunday night but Global played Debbie Travis: From the Ground Up instead. Anyone else out there think this was an improvement? Home improvement shows are much more interesting than watching the same six people win the same award over and over again. When’s award season over?


Chris Brown Still Exists Too

Chris Brown’s reign of psycho is still not over as he chooses to inflict his rage on Frank Ocean recently over a parking spot. According to Ocean’s Twitter account, two of his fingers were sliced open so he cannot play at the Grammys. Who thought it’d be a good idea to let Chris Brown do anything alone? Or make a decision?


Daniel Day-Lewis: Construction Worker…?

Daniel Day-Lewis’s children must not have access to Internet or leave the house because they thought their father may have been a construction worker. Day-Lewis recently revealed in an interview that his eldest child was completely unaware that his father was famous; when asked what his father does, the son replied that he thought that he may be a construction worker. Where the hell is Day-Lewis hiding these children?


Rick Ross Ruins Rolls Royce

Someone is still living in 1996 because Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce to avoid gunfire. Early Monday morning on Jan. 28, it was reported that someone shot at Ross’ Rolls Royce for reasons unknown. Is this still an “East coast vs. West coast” thing? The worst part of the story was that Ross was coming back from celebrating his birthday. Being shot at is a terrible gift choice; just get the man some flowers.


Kris Jenner is in Your Home
Celebrity mom and “manager” Kris Jenner officially has the green light for her new talk show. It will debut in the summer, which must coincide with the end of the world. Who did Jenner have to get drunk so that she could get her own show? For the sake of everyone everywhere, we hope she doesn’t give any advice. She and her family collect TV shows like boring people collect rocks.


Please Don’t Give Them Any More Excuses to Sing

Apparently Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are competing to be the first one to write break-up songs about each other. Bieber and Gomez are blaming each other for the break-up, with Gomez says that he treated her terribly while Bieber is slowly coming to the realization that no girl over the age of 13 will date him. Gomez should just outsource this to Taylor Swift; she can create a song just for the occasion in two minutes. Bieber’s song is entitled “Nothing Like This.”

Thank God.

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