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Tarantino: Over-reacting or justified?
In the next amusing saga that is Quentin Tarantino’s life, Tarantino has decided to sue Gawker Media for the recent leakage of his upcoming film Hateful Eight. While Tarantino is justified for his anger over the script leaking, it seems like his anger is misdirected. Gawker did not originally leak the script; it was posted online by one of the six people he first showed it to. Yes, it sucks when your work is pre-emptively shown but is it necessary to cancel the entire film? A little bit extreme but really, what can you expect from Tarantino?

The 56th annual Macklemore Awards
The 56th annual Grammy awards aired on Sunday Jan. 26 with mixed reactions. The number one problem with the Grammy’s was there was not enough Beyoncé. She opened the show and everyone could have easily turned off their televisions  after her performance. Except for Pharrell’s hat. But thankfully, the Internet never forgets. If you missed it, a simple Google search will let you relive the magic over and over again. One of the only controversies surrounding the night was the fact that Macklemore won every award he was nominated for, but that’s still boring.

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