Albert St. Dollarama engulfed in flames

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Photo by Will Huang

Photo by Will Huang

Parkdale Plaza was evacuated around 4 p.m. on Friday as Waterloo Region Police and Waterloo Fire received alerts regarding a fire at the Dollarama located in the plaza.

The cause of the fire remains unknown and firefighters are still working to ease the blaze.

A spectator at the scene stated that the fire started in a matter of seconds in the party aisle, as he saw children running from the store. The roof then proceeded to collapse.

The back wall of the store also collapsed causing the entire area to be a danger to residents, leading to an evacuation of nearby residents from their homes.

Another spectator said that the wind was a factor in the spread of the fire.

Waterloo Regional Police, Waterloo Fire and employees of the affected stores could not give statements at this time.

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