The Naughty Prude: October 11, 2012


“Dear Naughty Prude, This Thanksgiving Weekend took a different spin as I had my boyfriend participate in family traditions and I got to go to his. As that was fun, I realized that the honeymoon is over and we have gotten into the more ‘settled’ stage of our relationship. What are some things I can do to make sure we have that excitement?”

Thank you for your question, but I do believe you need to relax; I am guessing Thanksgiving with your boyfriend was wonderful. You need to stop looking at this transition as surpassing the honeymoon stage and be thankful you and your boyfriend have opened your private spheres to each other. A part of getting to know someone really well starts with knowing where they came from.

Although, if you are worried that your sex life or even your relationship will become too routine there are obvious ways to spice it up by adding a little seasoning to an already great pairing. I am talking about: role-play, exciting locations and props.

I know you may think that role-play is outdated and cliché, but maybe that is because you have never tried it. Let me set the scene: you go to a trendy location dressed in your sexiest outfit and sit down and order a drink.

The sexy man from across the room slowly saunters and sits down next to you. At first you are nervous and act coy, who is this stranger, and why did he sit down next to me?

As he introduces himself you politely reject his advances, you are just here to unwind and you are not in the mood for small talk.

As this stranger reverently tries to gain your attention and countless times offers you a drink, you give in, what’s one drink?

As you both get increasingly buzzed you decide to take him home but warn him no strings attached, this is a one-night thing.

As you fuzzily wake up in the morning, praying you do not have to cure your hangover you roll over and immediately your mood rises because your boyfriend is right next to you.

Exciting locations speak for themselves. A sexy rendezvous in a risky area heightens the mood ten-fold. I am not promoting couples to tarnish the Laurier Library, have class and common sense.

Finally, another element to spice up your relationship is props. In this case I am going to recommend food props, as they are most practical and usually what couples feel most comfortable with. Samantha from Sex and the City artfully placed sushi all on her naked body but chocolate sauce or ice cream will do just fine.

Like I said, there is nothing wrong with your relationship gradually entering the settled stage; it is the true art of a couple complimenting each other while still maintaining their own life and freedom. If you tackled the first meet and greet of the parents then kudos to you and your boyfriend, and just enjoy the simplicity and ease of your relationship.

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