You know what yanks my cord… September 26, 2012

…people who don’t know how to correctly walk on sidewalks.

How difficult is it, if you’re walking in a pair or group, for one of you to move out of the way as someone passes you?

Why is it such a complicated concept to grasp that if another person is walking from the other direction, you, as the greater posse, have a responsibility to move over slightly to let them by?

This should be a common courtesy that everybody learned at three years old.

Yet, time and time again, I find myself having to move last second to avoid bowling over the idiot not recognizing that I have the right of way.

I’m a pretty big guy, so if I keep going, it will be no good for anyone if I end up knocking you over. And I walk pretty fast, so there’s some velocity coming in at 225 pounds.

Sidewalks are not one way streets. They accommodate enough room for one person to walk in either direction, on both sides of the concrete.

It should not be my duty, as a single walker, to have to step on the grass or in the mud to pass you and your space cadet friend(s).

And don’t look back at me like I’m the moron for shaking my head and laughing at how much of a tool you are for not moving out of my way.

I wouldn’t have to do such a thing if you simply learned how to walk like a courteous human being and not some oblivious robot.

Of course this same thing also goes for walking on campus, but for now, I’ll keep my qualms focused on sidewalks alone, because let’s face it, there are morons everywhere and not just here at the university.

–Wade Thompson

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