Unsigned: Sexual assault report statistics may deter survivors


An investigative piece by the Globe and Mail released recently shows that a startling number of sexual assault cases in Ontario are dismissed as unfounded — meaning nothing is ever done after the assault is reported to police.

There is so much emphasis placed on reporting the sexual assault that it’s incredibly disheartening to see that a large number don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Here’s where it gets tricky to be a part of the media — to publish a story like this shows the startling reality of sexual assault cases. It creates an opportunity for these gaps to be fixed in our system.

What it isn’t going to help is the survivors. After seeing a report like this, there doesn’t seem to be a point to come forward if they’re just going to have to relay their experience and have nothing come of it.

The point should be in making the process more accessible and less traumatizing for the people who really need the support.

Survivors never asked to be part of this situation and they are under no obligation to be martyrs for the next wave of people who come forward with their sexual assaults.

The Waterloo Regional Police, in response to the article, told The Record that they’ll be looking into the 27 per cent of sexual assault reports that have gone unfounded, as reported by The Record.

We trust that they will. We trust that they’ll do their best to make up for the past.

What we really hope, however, is that the strides they are taking to make the process more beneficial and exclusive are exclaimed as loudly as possible so survivors know that this setback isn’t the end of their journey.

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