Student’s union midterm board reviews

Jess Dik, File Photo

Megan Spenler


President Spenler took on the role of President this year, following in the footsteps of previous President Shane Symington. President Spenler began the year with hosting a full slate of Orientation Week activities on the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. Her presence at activities during Orientation Week was appreciated as she demonstrated her dedication to being a representative on both campuses.  

President Spenler has been an advocate for the “SU Perks” discount system, which gives Students’ Union volunteers discounts. In addition, she has also worked to link the Waterloo and Brantford student communities. 

Described as hands-on, helpful to staff and interactive with the student body President Spenler has worked to grow the Students’ Union volunteer base on the Waterloo campus to 400 and the Brantford campus to 100. She has a good relationship with board members and is encouraged to continue connecting with students on both campuses to continue her mandate of prioritizing the voice of undergraduate students. President Spenler can benefit from notifying the board ahead of time if she must miss a meeting due to her busy schedule.

Mohammad Abu-Rshaid


Chair Abu-Rshaid has demonstrated his passion for the board and his willingness to ask for help when needed. Building off the previous two chairs, Chair Abu-Rshaid has worked to support and mentor new members of the board.  

Described as being insightful and a perfectionist, Chair Abu-Rshaid is engaged with the board and is punctual with his emails and reminders. He is encouraged to continue to work on keeping board meetings running on a tight schedule in order to avoid going overtime. While praised for his line of questioning during meetings, Chair Abu-Rshaid can improve by refraining from making comments that are outside of the topic of discussion.  

Daniel Rubinoff

Vice Chair 

Vice Chair Rubinoff is recognized for his support of the president and directors on the board. He is also praised for his work in supporting ownership linkage committees. While recognized for his work in supporting the chair, Vice Chair Rubinoff is encouraged to work on his participation during meetings alongside his effectiveness when being asked to run meetings himself.  

Patrick Baldinelli


Director Baldinelli has shown his dedication to the board through his strict adherence to attending board meetings. His passion for Laurier’s Greek life has shined through in his contributions to the board and he has played an active role in the oversight committe alongside the campus safety committee. Noted to have a shy demeanor, Director Baldinelli is encouraged to continue speaking up during meetings. 

Mitchell Baldwin


Director Baldwin filled one of the two open seats on the Students’ Union board this year. With a passion for enhancing student engagement on the Brantford campus, Director Baldwin’s passion for the Brantford campus has shined through his regular participation in board meetings. Director Baldwin is encouraged to maintain his regular attendance at board meetings and contribute to committees as he continues to establish himself as a director.  

Sebastian Corrie


Director Corrie is a well-established voice on the Students’ Union board for the Brantford campus. Regularly noted to be one of the strongest directors on the board, Director Corrie understands board policy and regularly takes initiative when it comes to encouraging student engagement.  

Described to be punctual and attentive, Director Corrie sets a strong example for other directors on the board. He takes an active role in helping new directors, assisting them in understanding the breadth of  their role as a director.  

Director Corrie is encouraged to maintain his exemplary work and continue to be one of the Brantford campus’s largest advocates.  

Hallie Ellis


Director Ellis has played an active role on the board through her involvement with the campus safety committee. In addition, Director Ellis has contributed as a member of Brantford’s mock trial club. With near perfect attendance to board meetings, Director Ellis is encouraged to continue prioritizing her attendance to board meetings and committee meetings.  

Josh Hamilton


Director Hamilton could not complete a board review with The Cord at this time. He is encouraged to continue participating actively in board meetings and maintain regular attendance.  

Meron Mehari


Director Mehari has been an active voice on the board, working to ensure that conversation surrounding funding for athletics & recreation has been productive.  Having maintained a perfect attendance record, Director Mehari is encouraged to continue participating alongside working to continue finding her voice and confidence as a new director.  

Colton Phillips


Director Phillips could not complete a board review with The Cord at this time. He is encouraged to participate in events run by the Students’ Union, and continue to bring his unique ideas to the board as a first-year director.  

Gabrielle Russo


Director Russo has played an active role through her involvement with campus safety boothing. Noted to be an active director who speaks up frequently, Director Russo is encouraged to keep up her active participation and contributions to the board.  

Jack Sloan


Director Sloan is a productive member of the board, contributing to the finance and leadership committee. Alongside his regular attendance to board meetings, Director Sloan brought a unique perspective to the board as a former icebreaker. In the future, Director Sloan is encouraged to maintain his participation with the board by regularly RSVPing to board meeting invitations to make his attendance known.   

Alfredo Duncan Spizzirri


Director Spizziri has contributed to the board through his role on the outreach and finance committee alongside a couple of policy committees. As a senior member of the board, Director Spizziri has not maintained a perfect record of attendance to board meetings. During the next term, Director Spizziri  is encouraged to make attending board meetings a priority alongside coming prepared.  

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