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Presidential candidates

Allison Leonard

I’ve spent the majority of my university career in Brantford’s WLUSP office, as both volunteer and management. I am now prepared to bridge the gap between campuses as President.

For two years I’ve worked as Brantford Manager of Operations; acting as an ex- officio member of the Board and over- seeing the production and growth of the Sputnik, the Carnegie and branches of Radio Laurier, The Blueprint and Laurier Student Poll. These positions have greatly developed my skills in many facets, from managing to marketing, policy development and strategic planning. I come to the student body with a strong understanding of the organization and fresh eyes that can aid in providing the best possible volunteer experience, financial growth and leading on-campus media.

Volunteers are what make this organization thrive. Encouraging greater involvement through furthered training opportunities and appreciation will prove beneficial for volunteers and WLUSP. As the student population shifts and grows between campuses, WLUSP needs to accommodate this by providing strong volunteer experience and media for all, regardless of campus or publication.

I take a responsible and realistic approach to budgeting, focusing on departmental accountability for expenditures and fundraising commitments. My personal understanding of WLUSP’s financial status and direction is priority.

WLUSP’s active position in various campuses and communities has the potential to break the norms of the mediascape. I firmly believe that Student Publications and its volunteers can set the standard for the ever-changing face of journalism and guarantee my full commitment as president in achieving this ambition.

WLUSP presidential candidate Autumn Smith. (Photo by Kate Turner).
WLUSP presidential candidate Autumn Smith. (Photo by Kate Turner)

Autumn Smith

As a proud member of WLUSP on Radio Laurier for two and a half years, I have had the pleasure of witnessing an incredible amount of work and dedication which created the amazing institution we have today. As Street Team Coordinator I have successfully lead a team of volunteers in a new direction at Radio Laurier.

We have effectively increased our presence on campus through numerous outreach efforts and events. The experience and success I gained from this has prepared me for the challenges of the 2013-2014 year. In an effort to bring each publication together, as president I will introduce a WLUSP wide marketing team. This team will perform the function of creating and implementing ways in which each publication can stay connected. In addition, WLUSP can work as a whole to create a larger presence at Laurier as well as establishing stronger relationships within the campus and community.

As President of Student Publications I will continue with our collective belief in synergy and creating an institution that works as one. As we are part of a small community at Laurier, our coherence is crucial to making us a strong force on campus. I feel each publication holds a valid contribution to our efforts as a whole.

The value and dedication I see happening every day within WLUSP has inspired me to run for this position as I will have the honour to engage with and value each and every publication in Waterloo and Brantford.

Board of Directors candidates (acclaimed)

Acclaimed WLUSP Board of Directors candidate Luke Schulz. (Photo by Kate Turner).
Acclaimed WLUSP Board of Directors candidate Luke Schulz. (Photo by Kate Turner)

Luke Schulz

From the beginning of my university education here at Wilfrid Laurier University I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of the most dedicated volunteers an organization could hope for. Being an active member of Radio Laurier, I’ve worked as an on-air host, morning show coordinator, and now currently hold the position of Programming Chair.

From my time with this publication, I’ve come to fully appreciate the work experience and family atmosphere that Student Publications offers to all of its volunteers, and would like to ensure that this is the way our organization continues to function. As a member of the Board of Directors I will strive to further build a strong relationship between all of WLUSP’s publications, while working closely with the other members of the board to ensure our work continues to maintain its current standard of excellence.

Acclaimed WLUSP Board of Directors candidate Tom Paddock. (File photo by Nick Lachance).
Acclaimed WLUSP Board of Directors candidate Tom Paddock. (File photo by Nick Lachance)

Tom Paddock

I have been fortunate enough to serve two terms as Director and Treasurer for Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publication’s Board of Directors. If re-elected, as a Director, I will strive to use both my board and academic experiences to ensure that WLUSP continues to head in the accurate direction. Over the past year I have successfully developed an investment portfolio with the help of Bryn Ossington (Executive Director) and Randy Moore (Finance Manager) to ensure financial stability for the organizations future.

My current knowledge of WLUSP’s finances will serve as a crucial asset that I can bring to the table for the upcoming year. The growth and development that this organization has gone through is truly remarkable, and as a Director, I will work with the board, volunteers and staff to ensure that this development continues for Canada’s premier student publication organization.

Additional Board of Directors candidates (running for two remaining spots)

New WLUSP Board of Directors candidate Shelby Blackley. (Photo by Nick Lachance).
New WLUSP Board of Directors candidate Shelby Blackley. (Photo by Nick Lachance).

Shelby Blackley

It didn’t take me long to realize that my university career would be surrounded by Student Publications. From my first week at Laurier, my life was controlled by what I did with this organization- everything else came second and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve been an active member of The Cord since September of my first year, starting as a staff writer before moving into the position as Sports Editor. I’ve also been a writer for Keystone while being a frequent member of The Cord Roundtable on Radio Laurier.

In such a short time, I’ve been given opportunities by WLUSP that people merely dream of. By running for the Board of Directors, I want to help ensure that our many volunteers feel the opportunities and skills we have to offer in each of our departments. I want to reach out to volunteers and ensure that the possibilities they have surpass those I’ve already experienced and make their time with this organization unforgettable. I want to maintain and support the communication between all departments and close the gap between Brantford and Waterloo publications.

My knowledge of this organization grows every time I am surrounded by the people that have come to make it as it is. WLUSP is and will continue to be a big part of my life for the next three years and in running for the Board of Directors, my involvement and dedication can further help this organization get the recognition it deserves, as well as maintaining the excellence we have come to produce thus far.

New WLUSP Board of Directors candidate Jasmine Clement. (File photo by Rosalie Eid).
New WLUSP Board of Directors candidate Jasmine Clement. (File photo by Rosalie Eid).

Jasmine Clement

It is with great pleasure that I express interest in the Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications board of directors. I see this as a new opportunity for me to continue creating connections with student volunteers from both campuses. I feel that I can use my past experiences as a Students’ Union director of the board and an executive for University Affairs to improve the Laurier community through publications. I aim to significantly contribute to the strategic plan and add value to Canada’s premier student publication organization.

There are many ways that I can use my skills to enhance the WLUSP experience. I want to take part of the hiring committee for Radio Laurier’s Station Manager and the Editor-in-Chief; having sat on various committees for the Students’ Union board of directors and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, I will undoubtedly be able to fulfill this mandate. Also, my experience as an ambassador for exchange students has helped me make decisions that I felt would best represent my country; I will do this to best represent the members of WLUSP.

And finally, being a very approachable and amicable person, I will focus my time on getting to know volunteers by attending a lot of student publication events. Students should have greater access to information in regards to what is happening with WLUSP, and I will make this happen by constantly communicating what the organization is up to.

I am excited to have the opportunity to show my desire to represent the needs of the WLUSP members in the Laurier community. Thank you!

New WLUSP Board of Directors Candidate Kate Turner. (Photo by Nick Lachance).
New WLUSP Board of Directors Candidate Kate Turner. (Photo by Nick Lachance).

Kate Turner

Since October of my first year at Wilfrid Laurier University I have had the great honour and privilege of being part of an organization that has been more like a family to me. Over the past three years I have seen the most dedicated and talented individuals produce incredible work for our school and our community, and I want nothing more than to work my hardest to carry on WLUSP’s outstanding reputation.

Student Publications is my heart and soul. Being a part of and subsequently running a department that is utilized by all of our publications over the past three years as a volunteer, Lead Photographer, and Photography Manager, respectively, has given me a great understanding of WLUSP and how each publication works cohesively. A strong relationship between board members, department heads, and volunteers is crucial. As a dedicated and active member of the organization I will use my current and future relationships within WLUSP to communicate thoroughly.

If elected to the Board of Directors, I will ensure that all facets of WLUSP maintain open lines of communication between each other, as well as the Board and President. Additionally, I wish to strengthen the relationship between the Waterloo and Brantford campuses and our publications. Being immersed in the WLUSP family for the past three years has given me the most amazing experiences and opportunities of my life, and I want to give back to the organization by making it the best it can be.

There are still two spots available on the WLUSP Board of Directors. Interested in running? Click here.

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    Good luck, everyone! Having served on the WLUSP board was a tremendous experience, and I hope that all of you have a similar experience. Do expect some wonderfully complicated questions from me at the AGM (with love, of course).

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