Laurier professor offers “plea deal” to students

screenshot of an email titled “Information about the final exam” posted to the Spotted at Laurier Twitter account on April 16 has garnered over 500 likes for offering a “plea deal” to students in EC-390-C-D classes.  

The email claimed to propose a generous reward for the first “whistleblower” to come forward with information about peers who had committed academic misconduct.   

“It was brought to my attention that some students have been working together during exams, despite the fact that they signed and submitted Honour codes,” the email said.  

“For the final exam, I would like to make a generous ‘plea deal’ to the whistleblower. The FIRST [sic.] student that provides me with evidence (i.e. pictures, emails, chats) that there has been academic misconduct during the final exam will receive a perfect score. Yes, that is a 100 [per cent] on the final exam.”  

“If a student has evidence of academic misconduct during Exam [one] or Exam [two], then my generous ‘plea deal’ is still valid. The FIRST [sic] student who provides evidence, then their grade for that particular exam will be raised to 100 [per cent]. Prof,” the email concludes.  

The professor who sent the email has not been officially named, but has been alleged by students to be Christos Shiamptanis, an associate professor at Wilfrid Laurier University.  

Graham Mitchell, director of communications and issues management at Laurier responded to The Cord’s request for comment regarding the incident.  

“Wilfrid Laurier University works with students and instructors to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity,” Mitchell said in an email statement.  

“However, the instructor’s approach in this case was not appropriate. The instructor has recognized the error and has withdrawn his statement.” 

*Shiamptanis did not respond to The Cord’s request for comment. 

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