Laurier internet outages postpones Thursday exams

On Wednesday, Apr. 10, Laurier ICT Services announced that both MyLearningSpace (MyLS), the online platform where students can access course materials and announcements, as well as LORIS, the online access point for choosing courses, seeing transcripts, invoices and payments, were both non-functioning at Laurier.

Apr. 10 marks the first day of exams at Laurier, and many students emailed and tweeted at ICT services to ask when the problem would be resolved as they could not access course materials, affecting students at both Waterloo and Brantford campuses, especially those in online courses who have their exams through MyLS.

This also is affecting debit and credit machines on campus, with the only methods of payment being accepted for students is either cash or OneCard payment at various food vendors and other services on campus.

ICT sent out an email statement to students at both campuses that read, “Please note that we are currently experiencing a service provider outage across all Laurier campuses, impacting many related services including WiFi and resources such as MyLearningSpace. We are working to resolve the issue with our provider and will update the community when internet services are restored.”

The statement also urged students to call the ICT desk with any further questions.

This outage comes after a year of internet issues at Laurier, with many students on campus unable to connect to the “eduroam” connection, the main wi-fi access point that is the most secure for students.

Wilfrid Laurier’s official Twitter and Facebook pages have posted the exam schedules for students to try and help any students unable to access them a’s am update at 10:30 a.m.

At 5:40 p.m., ICT emailed another update stating, “ICT can now confirm that the internet outages experienced today have been resolved by our service provider, ORION. Access to resources such as MyLearningSpace have been restored.” Any further disruptions should be phoned into ICT Services at extension 4357.

Laurier Communications and Public Affairs sent out an email to all Laurier students at 6:40 p.m. this evening stating that internet had fully been restored. As well, the email notified students that exams scheduled for tomorrow April 11 that their exams will be postponed.

“All exams scheduled for this evening, Wed., April 10, will proceed as scheduled. All exams scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, April 11, will be rescheduled to Sunday, April 14 at the same time and location as originally scheduled. We realize that today’s internet outage has created an unfortunate situation for many students and faculty at Laurier and other institutions, and that it puts students and faculty in a challenging situation,” read the email.

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