KW in brief

“Bathtub girl” to attend UW

According to the Toronto Star, come Fall 2010, one of the infamous “Bathtub girls” will start classes at the University of Waterloo (UW). In 2005, the 24-year-old freshman-to-be was convicted of drowning her mother in the bathtub of the family’s Brampton home. The Canadian sister duo were the first ever convicted of killing their mother.

Graffiti damage in Uptown Waterloo

Over the weekend, 570 News reported that Uptown Waterloo was the victim of extensive graffiti. The total cost of the spray paint cleanup is expected to reach $3000.

Marshall Street mystery

The Waterloo Region Police are investigating an attempted theft under $5000. According to The Record, on the morning of July 26, a man attempted to steal a yellow pair of Waterloo Warriors shoes from a Marshall St. sidewalk. While the individual in question was apprehended at the scene, police are still looking for the owner of the yellow sneakers.

Possible hamburglar sighting

Over the weekend, The Record reported that a North Perth McDonald’s drive-through was the target of a real-life hamburglar. As an unsuspecting customer reached for his order, it was snatched by a waiting thief who made off with the double hamburger unscathed.