How to keep positive searching for jobs amidst COVID-19


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We have been living in unprecedented times over this past year due to COVID-19. As new graduates preparing to step into the job market, the current economic climate is a cause for concern and stress for many job-seekers. It becomes easy to lose self-confidence and motivation and we wind up becoming increasingly self-critical.

The stress and pressure surrounding the quest to find a job post-graduation has always been heavy. We set expectations for ourselves that we feel we must meet due to the time, energy, and resources invested in attaining a post-secondary education. 

As we go through the long process of sending out endless cover letters and resumes in response to job offerings, we are often left feeling defeated. The lack of responses and feedback offered by most companies is another contributing factor to these feelings of discouragement. 

Here, I would like to present a new mindset. Gaining back confidence and positivity requires the understanding that we are all collectively going through an extremely challenging period – —

 no one is alone in this. With that being said, benchmarking yourself against conditions that were existent pre-covidCOVID-19 is extremely unhelpful. We need to begin readjusting the expectations that we set for ourselves and consider these challenging times. 

To stay positive and confident while finding a job amidst COVID-19 conditions, here is a shortlist of things to do that I have found extremely beneficial.

For one, find reassurance in knowing that you are not alone and that everyone else is experiencing similar emotions of stress, fear, and uncertainty about the future. Social media tends to portray other people’s lives as amazing and problem-free even though this isn’t the case. We have been conditioned to compare ourselves to others all too often. Ignoring this social media facade is a great step in the right direction to begin fostering feelings of positivity and self-confidence. 

Secondly, use the free time we’ve been handed to invest in yourself and your future. This involves keeping busy, whether that is researching into opportunities that exist out there for you and how they can be attained. Or, reaching out to old friends and co-workers who work in a field of interest and gaining a new perspective. 

I’ve found a great resource to use is LinkedIn. Through this network, you can discover a plethora of interesting companies and learn about the people that work there. They might have a work or educational background that sets them apart which might spark inspiration within you. Investing in your future through research may reveal new insights into where your interests lie. 

Another way to keep positive is making some key changes in your life in terms of who you’re surrounding yourself with and how you’re spending your time. A benefit to being stuck at home is the chance we’ve been given to reflect on what makes you happy and where and when you feel most confident. 

It has never been more important than now to continue spreading positivity and encouraging confidence among one another. While it is easy to let self-criticisms and stress fog up your mind, remember that there are a variety of ways to take advantage of this time. 

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