Halloween haunts in Waterloo

This Halloween season marked K-W Little Theatre’s (KWLT) second annual haunted house. They had amazing success with it last year, so they decided that they wanted to continue the tradition; and this year was just as big of a success. The haunted house had a “kid-friendly” mode earlier in the evening, where the lights were dimly lit, as well as an adult version during the later hours of the night.

“I brought my son here for the kid-friendly version, and he totally loved it. He went a second time. Right after he was through he’s like: Can I go again?!” said D. Morton, a patron who did not disclose her first name.

However, the adult version was definitely much scarier. The lights were off and the actors were ready to scare the people who came through as much as they possibly could.

“The scariest part? I think that was when the one guy came out and actually grabbed us. Even though I knew who it was, like I know the guy, I was still terrified,” said Lindsay Grisebach, one of the victims who went through the haunted house.

“I found the scariest part, even though I knew when the woman was chained up right at the beginning there and then she came to life, it was really cool.” Morton said.

Overall, the KWLT did not hold back and exhausted every effort that they could. From a woman being chained at the beginning on the haunted house and lashing out at the participants to a crawlspace and a woman standing in your way with a bloody hand and suddenly screaming; it was a frightening experience, but nevertheless an extremely fun one.

The haunted house acted as a fundraising effort for the plays that the KWLT puts on during the year, and if the success of this past year and the one before that is any indicator, the haunted house will continue to be a great help to the efforts of the KWLT.

Grisebach mentioned that “Whether you’re professional actors or you just wanted to do something for fun, you can come here and audition for shows, you can sign up to try to direct or you can submit plays that you’ve written or anything like that.”

“The haunted house has been great two years in a row, and KWLT is fabulous,” Morton added. “I have nothing but wonderful things to say about KWLT.”

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