Guide to the municipal elections

Waterloo mayoral candidates

Dave Jaworsky (Will Huang, file photo)

Dave Jaworsky
Jaworksy’s platform revolves around a three-point plan. He wants to: “rebuild prosperity, ensuring that we keep, grow, start and attract the businesses that move our local economy forward; focus on effective government that gives you the information you need when you need it, and acts responsibly with your tax dollars;
build a vibrant, caring community that puts people first.”

With this plan he promises to:

  • Support small and medium businesses
  • Improve access to government services, for example moving to online voting in 2018
  • Support culture, recreation and arts to increase activities
  • Promote “alternate commuting and casual transportation” to reduce traffic congestion
  • Secure relationships with post-secondary leaders

Dave MacDonald - ONLINE Contributed

Dave MacDonald
MacDonald says he will strive to be “accessible, accountable, affordable and an ambassador. In order to do this, he says he will:

  • Have an “open-door policy”
  • Have expenditures out in the open
  • Make sure projects stay on budget and money is “spent wisely”
  • Macdonald states he is “well-known” and will therefore be a good ambassador for the city.

Rami Said (Heather Davidson, file photo)

Rami Said
Said’s platform focuses on three main areas: manage, invest and protect. He plans to:

  • Combine similar services to cut inefficiencies
  • Remove “red tape” to make growing a business less complicated
  • Support small and medium businesses
  • Increase support of start-ups and incubators
  • Make transportation safer through improvements to paths and bike lanes
  • Work with organizations to create sense of belonging for immigrants
  • Hold the region accountable for the light rail transit system
  • Grow low-income housing

Erika Traub (Will Huang, file photo)

Erika Traub

Traub’s platform opens by stating the importance of voting, especially among youth. Her platform revolves around: environment, high tech, LRT, neighbourhoods and growth. She plans to:

  • Support the environment through “clean air and water, progressive waste disposal initiatives, smart use of our valuable land, respect for the environment and environmentally sensitive areas”
  • Achieve a sustainable economy through partnerships with universities and colleges, insurance industry and manufacturing
  • Intensify development along transit routes
  • Create job opportunities to attract growth to the city

Waterloo councillor candidates

Ward 6

Jeff Henry
Platform points
Develop plan to address “infrastructure challenges”
Assist with rental housing by-law review scheduled for 2016
Support affordable housing plans
Give input for transit service changes to improve routes

Robert Hodgins
A platform for Hodgins could not be found online.

Ward 7
(Uptown Waterloo)

Melissa Durrell
Platform points
Collaborate with academic institutions and tech sector
Support accessible housing
Grow with mixed-use developments
Protect water as the city grows
Make public spaces safe and enjoyable

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