UPDATED: GSA releases third statement


Photo by Victoria Panacci

As of Dec. 12, The Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Students’ Association has terminated its contract with Sandor Dosman, operator of Veritas Café, which is located in the the quad, beside the GSA office.

Veritas Café maintained a contract with the GSA in order to occupy the space and has been open on campus for a little over four years. Veritas Café was predominantly a space for graduate students, however, all students were able to eat or study there.

The closure appeared to happen with little notice. Veritas’ once active Facebook page has been taken down, their Twitter has not been updated since Sunday and there appears to be no information about the café or the closure on the GSA’s website.

Samantha Deeming, president and chief executive officer of the GSA offered the following statement via email on Dec. 14: “On Dec. 12, the WLUGSA [Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Students’ Association] terminated its third-party contract agreement with the provider who serviced Veritas Café. We invoked clause in our contract, which states that: “conduct on the part of the Service Provider that is materially detrimental to the Business or would injure the reputation of the WLUGSA as determined by the sole discretion of the WLUGSA” shall be grounds for immediate termination. Veritas Café will be closed while we consider how best to move forward. We understand the community could be impacted by this closure. However, the WLUGSA remains committed to providing services that align with Laurier community values and we will continue to work to do so in a proactive manner.”

Following this statement, members of the Laurier community and Kitchener-Waterloo residents took to social media to offer speculations as to why Dosman was put out of work. According to CTV, The Record and Dosman’s own posts on Facebook, it was due to a employment ad he posted online.

The beginning of the ad read: “I need a new slave (full time staff member) to boss (mentor) around at Veritas Café! We are an independent café (yah me) located on campus at Wilfrid Laurier University (parking sucks).”

Dosman made the ad in late November, but claims that he wasn’t notified that the GSA found it problematic until Monday.

“I’ve run ads in the past with very little feedback on, so I thought I’d try something a little different, something a little fun. And it worked. The ad was very successful. I managed to hire four people through the last couple of weeks, there. Some of them hadn’t even started yet,” he said.

Dosman initially didn’t think anything of it. Then, on Monday he claimed he was asked if he had a minute by the chair of the WLUGSA board and was brought into Graduate Students’ office.

“There were a couple campus security there — still didn’t think anything of it. I sat down, [the chair of the board] goes, “Do you know why you’re here?” I’m like, “Nope.” He turned over the ad, [and I] still wasn’t cluing in that there was anything wrong, because I don’t feel like it was such a horrible thing that I would be called into the office, let alone terminated,” Dosman claimed.

“He goes, “Because of this ad, we are terminating your contract, effective immediately. These special constables will escort you back to the café, to retrieve your cash and debit machines and then escort you to your vehicle.””

Dosman retrieved his things from the café and was allowed to come back the next day to get other perishables and belongings.

Veritas Café wasn’t Dosman’s only experience managing in the food service industry. He was once the assistant manager of Wilf’s on campus, as well as the Terrace manager. He opened Harvey’s and Union Market in the Terrace. He then left Laurier to start a café in St. Jacobs in 2011. During that time, he catered for the GSA and was then asked to operate a café on campus. He opened Veritas Café in May 2012.

“It’s been a 100 per cent positive, excellent experience [operating Veritas Café.] I do want to stress that. I’ve worked really well with all aspects of the university. It’s been a great working relationship … I consider those people my friends, in the GSA office. They’re my customers. I see them every day,” he said.

Dosman claimed that in the four and a half years he has operated the café, he has had no correctional meetings or problems with the GSA.

“It’s been a great working relationship. I’ve had one contract extension, there. We did the first contract, so that’s technically my third contract. I was told that they were working on the new one, because this one was ending come spring or summer, so you know, I’ve been in kind of limbo the last little bit.”

Since the issue has gained so much attention on social media, Dosman has concerns for his reputation.

“I’ve got to move on. I have to seek a living for myself somehow. My name is going to be attached to this forever, now,” he said.

In terms of the ad itself, Dosman claims that his intentions were innocent. He was trying to attract potential employees.

“It must have ruffled some feathers somewhere and it wasn’t intentional. It was supposed to be a fun ad. I apologize for that, if it did ruffle feathers. It wasn’t my attention,” Dosman said.

“This world always seems to be about second chances. Everyone gets second chances for everything. And this was just immediately done. There was no ifs, ands, or buts. It just happened.”

In reference to Deeming’s initial statement, Dosman claimed that this issue had to do with maintaining the GSA’s reputation.

“They didn’t want anything to reflect badly on them. And, I hate to say it, but I think they did it to themselves with this, because they are looking back, just by seeing the support that this has garnered. I haven’t called for this support, either. It’s just social media and people stepping up.”

Since his contract was already up for renewal, Dosman wished that the GSA would have discussed concerns or conditions upon his renewal, opposed to just terminating the contract abruptly. He also claimed that he was not asked to take down the ad before his contract was terminated.

“I don’t know if it was brought to university administration’s attention, first, and then they brought it to the GSA and told them to act. Those are questions I don’t have [answers] to.”

According to CTV news, there was a tweet by an anonymous person, using the handle @_coffeeWITCH that read: “@Laurier when you’re a university which promotes education and equality and your on campus café uses the word “slave” in a job ad…” The tweet also had a screenshot of the ad, attached.

Laurier responded to @_coffeeWITCH, on Dec. 9, saying: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are looking into it” and then again on Tuesday, saying: “The matter has been addressed and Veritas Café is closed until further notice. Details will be made public once finalized.”

On Dec. 16, Kevin Crowley, Laurier’s director of communications and public affairs released this statement to The Cord via email: “The Graduate Student Association (GSA) approached the university to share concerns expressed to it about the job ad and the decision that the GSA had reached. Given the importance that Laurier places on being an inclusive, welcoming and respectful community, the university supported the direction that the GSA chose to take. The university appreciates the challenges of dealing with confidential personnel and contract matters and we support the GSA in its efforts to re-open the café and rehire the affected employees.”

In terms of the future of Veritas Café, both Crowley and Deeming are implying that the café will be open in January, just under different management.

“I’m sure the café will be reopened. It will be called Veritas Café — I’m guessing,” Dosman speculated.

“There’s a space there. There’s infrastructure there. [The employees] will probably be hired back, by someone new, or it will be an existing, university [partner] like [The Students’ Union] or Aramark, until they find a new operator, I’m guessing. That’s more for the GSA to comment on. My staff [was] going to be done for break as of next week, anyways.”

While The Cord has been unable to speak with any Veritas Café staff members, Dosman expressed concern and appreciation for his employees.

“The staff were shocked. A couple of them reached out to me. Most of them are students. Most of them live right around there. They’ll hopefully be able to get back into the new Veritas Café and find employment and be successful there.”

As for Dosman, he is now trying to look into the future and plan his next steps. He owns a food truck, but does not operate it during the winter months.

“I’m just keeping it day-by-day. Right now, I’m just trying to keep my heart rate low and it’s just been a pretty crazy time. I don’t know what the next step is,” he said.

“I wish my staff the best, and the students. I want to thank people for the outcry and the concern … I’m sure the GSA will do the café right and reopen it. It will just be without me.”

On Dec. 16, the GSA issued the following statement to The Cord: “We will not be making any further public comment about the termination of our service contract. We can confirm that the employees who wanted to, have continued to work all of this week and have been offered to work hours next week. We can also confirm that we are working diligently on a plan to re-open the cafe in January.”

Following the Dec. 16 statement, the GSA released another statement on Dec. 19 on their website that explained that student leaders within the GSA have been receiving threats since Dosman’s contract has been terminated.

That statement said: “On Monday December 12th at 3:30 p.m. we terminated our service provision contract for Veritas Cafe. To this point we have resisted making any formal comments at the advice of counsel. However, given the direct personal threats towards our student leaders, we feel the need for a statement. Rest assured that in any employment or service provision contract, we would not sever the relationship without there having been clear opportunities for training, education, and personal growth throughout the duration of the contract. We cannot discuss contractual and behavioural matters or refute accusations being made in the manner in which we would like. We honour the confidentiality of all members of our community who have been affected over the course of our service provision contract. The Veritas Café staff continued to work their allocated hours last week and this week. We remain diligent in our efforts to re- open the café.”


*This article was originally published on Dec. 14, was updated two different times on Dec. 16 and again on Dec. 19.

70 Responses to “UPDATED: GSA releases third statement”

  1. Rebecca Avatar

    Vaguery, vaguery, vaguery….
    Such a loss, one of the best places in Waterloo, least of all on campus to eat!

  2. Laurier Student Avatar
    Laurier Student

    This is false, the cafe is reopening in January. Confirmed by employees.

  3. Ryan Avatar

    Disgusting behaviour by the University.

  4. Sahver K. Avatar
    Sahver K.

    What an unfortunate turn of events! I hope that Sandor Dosman was given the chance to address the violation against clause Sandor and the staff have always been good to us, provided us with healthy, warm food options in a safe, quiet environment away from the chaos on campus. Making a decision like this affects not only a amiable community-oriented business owner, but it affects his student staff, and faculty and students who come here to find peace of mind. What a decision to make at this time of year!

  5. Laurier Graduate Student Avatar
    Laurier Graduate Student

    I have to say, a lot of us grad students are incredibly upset about the news of Veritas closing. For many of us, Veritas is our only community connection at WLU, it certainly is for me. As a TA with no office, it is where I meet my students when they need help. It is the only place on campus where I can purchase coffee from an independent shop. It is where the new Diversity and Inclusion Graduate Socials were to held to promote social justice and equity in graduate student’s work. It was a safe and warm space for graduate students to feel like they had some sort of home on a campus that is very isolating for them.

    By closing Veritas Cafe, the GSA has proclaimed that this is the decision of all graduate students, since they are supposed to represent us all. Yet no public forum was called, no email was sent about the situation so none of us even knew what was going on when we saw the paper on the windows of our beloved cafe. The GSA did not allow the students who they are supposed to represent, have a voice.

    I also question your closing of the establishment right before the Holiday season. As an independently run establishment, the GSA is putting a family of our community in an awful situation over the Holiday break. My heart truly aches for everyone who’s job was abruptly lost before the holidays, for the students who will begin their next semester without a secure financial income.

    I hope that the GSA will open the discussion up to graduate students this week, or in the new year, though I wonder if by then it will be to late.

  6. Student Avatar

    Veritas was closed due to inappropriate action by the owner but let’s ignore that cause the coffee was good right?

  7. Lorraine Avatar

    Did they at least speak with the owner and work with him to come up with an acceptable solution?

  8. Voltaire Avatar

    This incident has at least shown that those in the GSU are unable to function outside of an academic environment, as they are unable to comprehend humor and sarcasm in such mundane things as job postings. The GSU canceled an interview with CTV news. Why do so if your decision is on such solid moral grounds? Free speech is dying while these new censors-in-training create a rod for their own backs in the future. Enjoy the offense free utopia you wish to build a you will eventually be the ones who will suffer from these types of crusading language policing.

  9. Jawad Avatar

    Very sorry to see this Sandor!

  10. Tim Avatar

    Always two sides to a story, unfortunate that this news organization didn’t obtain comments from both sides.

  11. Rebecca McKay Avatar

    Lets ignore it because people lost their jobs and their livelihoods. Whatever happened to warnings, conversation, and reconciliation?

  12. Shawn K Avatar
    Shawn K

    What is this bullshit. I agree that it was a terrible joke, but closing down the cafe for that? Give him a second chance you dumb money wasting piece of shits.

  13. Jeremy Avatar

    Sandor Dosman is a good man and meant no ill intent. He made a mistake (even that is debatable) and has apologized. Samantha Deeming and the rest of the WLUGSA were way over the top with their actions and need a lesson on how to treat people. What they did was far worse that what Sandor did.

  14. Butt Holdman Avatar
    Butt Holdman

    Samantha Deeming must be proud that she ruined a man’s livelihood over a joke. Congrats Samantha…..I hope karma returns the favour.

  15. Jeremy Avatar

    @Tim The news organization tried to get both sides but Samantha Deeming and the WLUGSA refused to comment.

  16. M Avatar

    “conduct on the part of the Service Provider that is materially detrimental to the Business or would injure the reputation of the WLUGSA”

    Uh oh. Based on the growing social media response to this, it appears that Samantha Deemin will be in violation of clause

  17. Henry Avatar

    I feel sorry for the poor employer that ends up hiring this Samantha Deeming when she graduates. Hopefully, they do a quick internet search and take a pass on this prude. No place for this type of thin skinned self righteousness in the real world

  18. Chris Smith Avatar
    Chris Smith

    I do not believe that the WLUGSA rules trump the law — these people were basically all fired – given that the cafe is reopening in 2017. The person fired should speak to an employment lawyer to determine if they are breaking the law in this situation. The clause is also good reason for everyone to be concerned – as it gives the people running the WLUGSA carte blanche to decide whatever they wish – all in the name of unwritten and undefined notion of what actions would supposedly “injure the reputation of the university ….. as determined solely by the WLUGSA…” This is tantamount to a completely autocratic student government. Tyranny in the name of the politically correct — where any misunderstanding – followed by an apology is somehow insufficient?!?!?! SHAME on you. How utterly pathetic to see that Universities – which should be the champions of free speech and openness to conflicting ideas — is, in fact, the very opposite.

  19. Nancy Avatar

    Bad call Samantha. Pull your head out of the sand and woman-up!

  20. David Wilson Avatar
    David Wilson

    Dear “Grad students” or so called pseudo want to be management

    As an employer I really hope to open your eyes to a reality outside your tiny little bubble. Humor, compassion and empathy will be a requirement when you look for a job. Abject stupidity as per your handing of the above shows a level of political correctness that is just stunningly incompetent.

    Should any potential employer run for a lawyer to defend themselves from a sexual discrimination (male or female) lawsuit if they say you look “great” when you come back from vacation?? In the old days having “was part of GSA” on your CV would be a plus. Right now I suspect it guarantees you and your peers an absolute “undesirable” rejection in the CV stack.

    reality check. bring back the cafe owner and dump your Board especially Deeming.

    What incredibly small mindedness

  21. David Wilson Avatar
    David Wilson

    Sorry to flog this dead horse but I just read Samantha’s LinkedIn.. Didn’t know students had them but this is so “wrong”:

    I am a recently graduated student with a great amount of professional customer service experience. Proven to have excellent communication and teamwork skills, as well as have the ability to take on new tasks and projects with limited to no direction.

  22. chrishutcheson Avatar

    As much as the cafe closure may be dismaying, the REAL concern here should be the shoddy, knee-jerk way in which Sandor Dosman appears to have been treated.

  23. larry Avatar

    morons. that is, samantha deeming and her band of idiots

  24. David Avatar

    Wow, my somewhat intelligent comments about political correctness from an employer seem to have been deleted and censored..

    You students really need to understand their is a world out there where the above kind of reaction are not tolerated. You have to wonder why so many are unemployed with that kind of prima donna attitude

  25. S.L. Avatar

    Veritas was honestly and genuinely one of the best things about my graduate experience at Laurier, as a student, as a TA, as a classmate, as a friend. The staff were friendly. The coffee was amazing. The food was fresh and filling and always tasty. To do this when the ad was clearly a joke is so sad as even though I understand the regulations in place, I wish they had handled it more appropriately given the role and importance of this cafe on campus. I have nothing but good to say about this Cafe and wishing the best for Sandor in this time.

  26. Laur Avatar

    How do you get two sides of a story if the one side refuses to talk? They know they went too far with this, because he was not even talked to. He was not offered a chance to apologize or retract his ad. He was just let go, along with a dozen staff members, right before the holidays. If you think the ad is offense, you need to grow up. Seriously. Every race in the world has been a slave.. Brits were to the Romans.. Jewish people were to the Romans.. Dali Lama had slaves until he was exiled from Tiebet (oh yeah, read up on that).. Chinese were slaves in America.. Irish were slaves to the Brits.. natives were slaves.. every race has been at some point. Please, go learn history pre-dating the American Revolution. It was a tongue-in-cheek ad. GSA took it too far. Being offended has been taken too far. Just because you’re offended, doesn’t make your actions right.

  27. Shame to WLUGSA Avatar
    Shame to WLUGSA

    Good luck to Samantha Deeming in dealing with the fallout of this ridiculous decision. It was meant as humour and granted, could have been offensive but that was very clearly not the intent and absolutely did not merit this sort of swift, harsh action. She should have given the man a chance to apologize publicly and rectify the situation which I’m sure he would have done. I am shocked and appalled that Laurier would even allow this sort of weak minded decision to happen. You offer a law program! Shouldn’t everyone be granted due process? Unreal. UNREAL. This is a man’s life!!!

  28. James J Avatar
    James J

    All “labour” is “slave labour” and hospitality industry is a “learning ground” for this fact. It is the Employee that decides if the benefits are good enough to “put up with it”…. At least the individual that placed the “ad” in the middle of this storm was honest about the conditions… Also the comment about the cafe being reopened in Jan, DOESN’T state WHO will be running it…

  29. Mike Avatar

    The GSA needs to explain the rational of their action. If it is based entirely on the job posting then they have made an error in judgement. They appear to have acted without proper review or prudence. The contract wording (board has sole discretion) does not actually give them the right to act on a whim. They still need to be able to show how the vendor’s actions are materially detrimental. There is actually no racial or cultural concern in the wording of the job posting. The term “slave” is clearly being used in a boss – employee genre which is not considered slanderous in law. I wish the GSA board luck in defending their position when Sandor takes legal action against them. I hope he does.

  30. Lisa Avatar

    I agree 100% with Byron Williston’s comments from his open letter to the Graduate Students Association published in the Toronto Star and conveniently not included in this article.

    “The sudden closure drew criticism from many of the café’s customers. Laurier ethics professor Byron Williston penned a scathing open letter to the graduate students association, accusing them of acting like “spoiled children.”

    “I suppose it’s a sign of the times, especially on university campuses whose student bodies — undergraduate and graduate — seem to have been taken over by the terminally thin-skinned and self-righteous,” Williston wrote. “Perhaps you should direct your moral outrage at some of the many real problems in the world rather than behaving like petty bullies.””

    Whole article here: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/12/16/laurier-graduate-students-group-shuts-down-caf-over-slave-joke-in-job-ad.html

    I don’t agree with the cafe operator’s ad or like his sense of humour, but this was dealt with atrociously. Give this man his job back.

  31. Jay Avatar

    I’m having a problem paying my childrens tuition to WLU. After learning of this bullying by the gsa. My children will have to choose another university. I wish i could do more to help rectify this poor souls situation.

  32. Dirk Avatar

    David Wilson is right on the money with his comment. This story is being picked up by all the major Canadian media outlets and is quickly becoming more about Samantha Deeming’s lack of humor and her overly sensitve view of the world. Her name will be forever linked to this matter and future employers should be wary of hiring this sour puss – good thing there is google

  33. Wendy Avatar

    This isn’t a Disney book or movie! (check Samantha’s Management Team bio) This is real life!…this is what happens when you mix self-righteousness and ovaries…and yes…I am a woman…..

  34. Dennis Avatar

    I strongly suggest that that students that the GSA represents stand up together and dismiss Samantha from her duties, then reinstate Sandor’s contract.

  35. JC Avatar

    OMG what a disgrace. I used to roll my eyes when I heard complaining about political correctness run amok on university campuses. But when I read stuff like this I see what they mean. There’s nothing offensive about this joke. I don’t think that any use of the word slave in a less than ominous tone means you are making light of slavery. It was a joke. And the trouble with organizations like GSA is they can’t tell what they should really be offended by and what they should really let slide. The result is they treat everything as a capital offence*, which leads to inevitable backlash, which allows the real racists among us get away with saying really terrible things. And that’s how we ended up with President Trump. Yeah that’s right- the GSA, and is equally small-minded counterparts across North America, are responsible for Trump. Deal with it. [*The reference to ‘capital offence’ was in no way an attempt to make light of capital punishment].

  36. WLStudents Avatar


  37. Winston Orwell Avatar
    Winston Orwell

    I am personally and deeply offended at the weasel-words used by the GSA in order to terminate a solid member (along with his business) of the WLU community. I am so offended and triggered by this action that I demand immediate compensation for my injuries. As compensation, I will accept the immediate resignation of the entire WLUGSA and the requirement for these crybullies to work under the same type of thought police and totalitarian conditions they’ve imposed on the former Veritas Cafe owner for the remainder of their work careers. Careful what you say. Careful how you joke. You never know if you’ll be reported to the authorities.

    You can power a city with the spinning Solzhenitsyn and Orwell are doing in their graves. Apparently this is WLU’s idea of “social justice”. Enjoy the spoils of the world you’re creating as you will have no recourse when this type of heavy handed thought policing comes your way.

  38. John Trinidad Avatar

    I’m sure when anyone will Google Samantha Deeming’s name for prospective candidate, the poor judgement reflected here by the GSA decision makers will forever stick to her name. I feel sorry now for you as this will surely come back to haunt you. At best, you could have investigated it properly, offer the cafe a chance to explain or rectify the ‘offending’ ad and if no action taken, then you are justified to take action. Instead the action take would appear to be very dictatorial and has no place in an institution of learning.

  39. Steve J Avatar
    Steve J

    GSA board. You can resolve this still. It is OK to make mistakes. We all make mistakes. That is how we learn. You are also allowed to correct your mistakes. Convene a board meeting immediately. Re-open the issue and vote again. If the board votes to change the plan — than make it right. Come out and say you are sorry as a board and acknowledge you made a mistake. Apologize personally and publicly to Sandor and ask how you can make it right for him. If he will take the contract back then great. If not, then at-least you will have done the right thing. Everyone on the board that voted has the same responsibility to make this right. Don’t hide behind the “we were trying to do the right thing” mantra.

    It is not only Samantha that is being tarnished. Believe me, she is now tarnished. No corporation will hire her after this as all recruiting companies now use internet aggregation software to screen potential employees. This issue will come up for years to come. She has no way to explain it.

  40. Shax Avatar

    If it’s a reflection of the real world… I’m sure someone close to Samantha will be reopening the operation. Someone is gaining monetarily from the for sure… The slave set up the business already.

  41. Mark Avatar

    Absolutely ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself Samantha, but I’ll bet your proud as a peacock. I hope you don’t ever find yourself in a situation where you made a mistake and no second chances were offered. You have a lot of learning to do before you grow up.

  42. George Sarty Avatar

    And you wonder why Trump was elected here in the U.S. As big a disaster as he is, some of it is certainly backlash to this kind of pointless PC BS.

  43. Lucy Avatar

    Bullying at work here. Everyone deserves a warning that “their” conduct is not what you want…… I loved the ad…. and I wished I was younger and able to apply…. Hope Samantha Deeming gets a real job….

  44. Laurie Avatar

    Not sure if any of you know the context of the original job post. It appeared in a local food group and catered to those who work in restaurants. All of the comments left on the original post were essentially praising his approach, and the ad brought in an increased amount of applications. Looks like the GSA acted hastily without doing their research.

  45. Mr. Karma Avatar
    Mr. Karma

    Thank you for putting your fate in my hands Samantha. You have assured that your prospects for future employment have been greatly diminished!

  46. Mr. Karma Avatar
    Mr. Karma

    Oh, and Mr. Google, do not forget about the others whose future employment prospects have also been greatly diminished:

    Rebecca Friesdorf
    Natalie Gleba
    Debashish Mondal
    Ellen Menage
    Cassandra Salatas

  47. Tom Southon Avatar
    Tom Southon

    Clause is so vague that the operator could have done anything wrong. The WLUGSA has ‘sole discretion’. Sounds a little bit like communism. Thought we were moving away from that.

  48. Fred Avatar

    GSA board. You have the ability to correct a mistake. Every member on the board is culpable in this error. Don’t hide behind your president who is dragging you under the bus with her.

  49. David Avatar

    1) At this point the Board is not sleeping due to media coverage
    2) They probably recognize they acted in a heavy handed manner.
    3) legally they are probably at risk for wrongful “cancellation”
    4) The organization (GSU) itself is probably at risk for costs and damages
    5) Due to Google their reputations and employment prospects are severely tarnished…. severely
    6) they are trying to figure out how to do damage control but due to egos are having a problem being adults and
    7) Publicly apologize.. All of them
    8) return the contract to the previous owner
    9) Compensate him personally for his costs
    10) Resign. the reality this blunder costs them their positions. They blew it
    11) They can stand ona very shaky position and go down in flames
    12) acknowledge a mistake and apologize and resign

  50. Claryssa Webb Avatar

    Letting everyone down, I see, Wilfrid Laurier WLUGSA. What kind of a joke is this?? Not funny. Give him his job back and maybe everyone will forgive you. Jesus.

  51. Bill Frood Avatar

    Samantha Deeming if I were that store owner I would sue you and your orginization personally.
    I think it would be the best thing for you. Wake you up out of your precious, petulant snowflake lethargy.

  52. Jerry R Avatar
    Jerry R

    Samantha Deeming, Rebecca Friesdorf, Natalie Gleba, Debashish Mondal, Ellen Menage, Cassandra Salatas. Individually I’m sure you are all nice people that want to do good in the world. Collectively, you have made a mistake. That’s still OK if you do the right thing and correct it. /Jerry

  53. fabman Avatar

    In a country where everyone seems to get multiple chances for the mistakes they make there is something that really stinks with this… Obviously someone up above is doing this for some hidden purpose and gain… It will be interesting to see how fast the vacant spot is filled as my guess is there is someone already waiting in the wings which has prompted this unbelievably harsh punishment for what was really just bad taste on the owners part… man people need to lighten up as I cannot believe anyone would really take what he posted as anything more then humor As I said something stinks from above or within the grad’s as this was really uncalled for…

  54. victoria Avatar

    It was a funny ad. Don’t you have a sense of humor. He didn’t say anything wrong – it was funny. I think you should pull your social justice warrior head out of your butt. good luck in the real world.

    I hope you are proud of you’r bullying.

  55. Vic Alyea Avatar
    Vic Alyea

    This group of “snowflakes” made a colossal error. It was a very humerous ad that got applicants. Its Christmas for heaven’s sake. Apologize and give the man back his contract. Its painfully obvious you made a mistake – own up to it and act like adults!

  56. Jeff Bryson Avatar
    Jeff Bryson

    Someone please tell me he has hired s lawyer and filed a labour complaint for wrongful dismissal.

    Mature student here. Was down to 4 schools for my 2nd post grad degree. Looks like I’m down to three. Thanks WLUGSA for making the decision easier and crossing off WLU. Too bad for WLU I would have been arriving with full scholarship and research funding,

  57. Jim Avatar

    Was there any consideration about how this decision would affect the lives of a dozen employees working to pay their bills? Bad humor, but why would the answer be to attack unconnected, low paid labor?

  58. Jeffrey Avatar


    As a recent graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, I am writing to express my embarrassment for your actions in closing Veritas Cafe this past week over nothing but an employment ad containing the word “slave”. Your haste action was completely overdone and unless you have past evidence of the owner’s racist tendencies then your decision should be overturned immediately. The mistaking of Sandor Dosman’s words for racist statements truly undermines the real racism and hatred that exists in today’s world. I admit that over-sensitivity and political correctness runs rampant these days but it is your job to cut through this. I do believe it is your right to show concern over the statements (even if I disagree that the statements are racist) but to immediately terminate the owner’s contract over this is quite unjust.

    Now I know there have been many petty comments flying around about this story on social media, but let me talk to you in real terms, dollars and cents. As a recent graduate, I cannot in good faith donate money to Laurier when it is clear we have people on campus that are making swift judgement and censoring others without any thought for their actions. Please let me know how you plan to rectify this decision in a more reasonable manner before I decide to donate to the University again.

    Thank you,
    Concerned Alumni

    i have sent the above email to GSA, Laurier Donations and Laurier Alumni emails.
    Feel free to do the same, speak to these people in terms they understand, Money.

  59. Grad Avatar

    wow. completely ridiculous. Apparently some people are off their meds. Its called humor. And how is the term slave offensive. EVERY race has been subject to slavery at one point in time. Its unfortunately a common experience for our ancestors. This appears to have been a simple funny advertisement.

  60. Red Avatar

    Here is the contact for the person responsible: sdeeming@wlugsa.ca

    Ask her if she can sleep well after removing this poor soul under armed guard from the campus…

  61. docandraider Avatar

    So is the university going to step in here? Or is everyone going to just duck and run away and hope this all quietly blows over so they can all have a hassle-free Christmas?

    Dear god, I never thought Canadians would be ones to ignore an issue like this. This evasive silence is something I would expect of our neighbour to the south.

  62. Anna Avatar

    Not even close enough to being acceptable.

    You are now implying there was some thing(s) more than the job ad and that the GSA board gave the contractor opportunities to improve or correct things. If that was so, you could have just concluded the contract at the natural ending point and parted ways. You chose instead to be heavy-handed and expel with cause. You should realized by now that was incorrect from the majority of Canadians point of view.

    Your board and surrounding support group is too strongly biased in one direction that you are not seeing the big picture. If you do still feel justified in your actions right now, I suggest you will not feel the same way when you get older. If you have parents or grandparents to talk to — have you discussed it with them ? They might be able to provide some perspective that you cannot see.

    Don’t be so adamant to hold your ground because you are afraid or embarrassed to admit you are wrong.

    I think the only opportunities for “training, education, and personal growth” has been for the board — and you are failing miserably at using these opportunities.

  63. Dave Avatar

    I notice only 3 members of the board signed the press release. So you are throwing the other silent board members under the bus I guess. Must have been pretty tense board discussion (or are you 3 going it alone).

  64. Noor Avatar

    If you look at Samantha Demming’s linkedin under honors and awards she accepted a Servant Leadership Award from Wilfrid Laurier students union in 2012. So she doesn’t find the term servant offensive if it involves an award. I’m saddened by how Mr Doss was treated. I hope he gets an employment lawyer regarding his wrongful dismissal.

  65. 5Arete23 Avatar

    This incident is the first time that I have heard of the Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Students’ Association. I have formed a bad impression of that organization’s members.

  66. Jeff Bryson Avatar
    Jeff Bryson

    Do any students on campus have an update on the fired manager? Seen him around?

    The silence of the student media on this issue is astounding!

  67. Rick Hutfloetz. Avatar
    Rick Hutfloetz.

    You can clearly tell that this was an attempt to be humourous. I can tell you, as a mature man, these ladies leading the GSU misread the issue and have found themselves on the wrong side. I a just society, people should be treated fairly, unlike what was done in this situation.

    Samantha Deeming, Rebecca Friesdorf, Natalie Gleba, Debashish Mondal, Ellen Menage, Cassandra Salatas, I hope that you reconsider your decision. Count it as a life lesson. It is ok to make mistakes, as long as you make an attempt to make things right.

  68. Lorne Avatar

    It really bothers me that this story faded away. Was anyone reprimanded or dismissed over this? Is there a lawsuit? Would really like to see some justice. We need closure.

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