Fourth win for Laurier at JDCC

(Courtesy of Josh Raxlen).
(Courtesy of Josh Raxlen).

For the fourth year in the row, students of Wilfrid Laurier University came home with the “school of the year” award at the fourth annual ‘Jeux du Commerce’ Central (JDCC) business competition in Halifax.

Laurier was also awarded with the “academic cup” for the second consecutive year. The competition — which pits various  students from different universities against each other in a series of challenges — was held from Jan. 18 to 20.

“It’s a business competition meets orientation week, meets sports tournaments, meets debate competition,” explained Josh Raxlen, a fourth-year BBA student and one of the two captains for the 40-per- son JDCC Laurier team. Igor Kuslijic, another fourth-year BBA student, was the other captain for Laurier’s team.

The competition was divided into different categories where some students participated in challenges based on a discipline. For example, there was a financial competition, a sports competition and a debate along with others.

“Overall, we were awarded the most amount of points for every single discipline,” he added.

Igor Kusljic and Josh Raxlen hold their winnings from JDCC.

“People have been talking about a national competition, but it hasn’t happened yet. I think it needs to be done because there’s so much talent — it’s something really cool that could happen,” he added.

Although the event isn’t linked directly to academics, Raxlen asserted that participating in JDCC invaluable experience for those who want to get in that particular industry.

He noted that he had an interview at company and spent much of his time talking about the competition.

“We spent a great deal talking about that. That’s because it’s such a time commitment; it shows dedication, it shows teamwork skills, it shows things that school can’t teach but are really applicable in the working world,” said Raxlen.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated from its original version.

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