Food services seeks feedback


(Graphic by Steph Truong)
(Graphic by Steph Truong)

Wilfrid Laurier University has recently put together a committee that will look to discuss, solve and improve the food services on campus.

The committee is comprised of the president and CEO of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union Michael Onabolu, Jeyas Balaskanthan, the director of hospitality services, Ryan Lloyd-Craig, director of food services and David Hutchinson, the assistant director.

They meet to “advise the operations of food services with respect to menu concepts, diversity of options, everything from lay out to hours of service,” explained Chris Walker, vice president: university affairs.

Furthermore, three customers who are enrolled in the meal plan, as well as two general customers, three student staff and one representative from the Eco Hawks make up parts of the committee.

“It is a way for consumers and meal plan users to provide feedback on the current status of food services,” Walker expressed.

While all the places in the committee have been filled, students who are not involved are still able to give back their feedback and opinion on the food services. First-year students, who are heavily involved in the food services at Laurier because of their purchase of a meal plan upon attending school, are a big component of the committee.

However, upper-year students are still included in the participation and discussion because they still indulge in the services available on campus.

“We are trying to improve the services of food for the students on campus,” Walker said. “[We are] trying to pursue constant feedback for continuous enhancement for food services.”

Walker further explained that he believes that there is an accurate representation of all students on the committee, since the positions include both first-year students of all the residence options, as well as second, third and fourth-year students, who aren’t required to have a meal plan, but still frequently use the services on campus.

“Considering we are the ones eating, I think it’s a good idea,” said Ivana Ivankovia, a second-year student at Laurier.

Brittany Smith, a third-year student, expressed her concerns regarding food services and what the committee could do to improve the services on campus.

“There is never any room in the terrace,” Smith expressed.

“The new dining hall set up isn’t great,” added Ivankovia.

Both students were interested in the committee and believed that it was a good idea in solving any of the food services problems that the campus has, as well as improving some of the services that already benefit students.

Walker explained that the committee has discussed possible additions, such as dons and RLACS because they are frequently engaged with students, especially first years, and understand their needs for food services.

“The value that we have outlined as a critical part of what food services should incorporate are: food, service, quality, value, access and diversity and sustainability,” Walker explained.

The first committee meeting will occur this Friday, Jan. 18.

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