Editor’s note: Happy 90th to us!


If you follow The Cord on Facebook, chances are you saw our post at the end of September that acknowledged our 90th anniversary as the official student newspaper of Wilfrid Laurier University.

The past month or so, the staff at WLUSP and I have been planning the various ways that we wish to celebrate this huge milestone.

While this issue of The Cord may not line up with the actual first issue of The College Cord, which was published on September 23, 1926, we chose to make this week’s issue a tribute to the past 90 years.

This Friday night at The Turret, “Cordies” from the past and present will be gathering together to celebrate the newspaper we all love, and have loved, so dearly. I couldn’t be more honoured and excited to be part of something so huge.

So many Laurier students have contributed to this newspaper over the past 90 years. So far, this year, we have over 100 volunteers. Those volunteers may only contribute once, or they may contribute once a week, but nonetheless, The Cord means something different to everyone who’s been a part of it.

Maybe The Cord helped you achieve your future career goals, like the numerous “Cordies” who now work at The Globe and Mail.

Maybe The Cord introduced you to your best friend, like the several friendships that have lasted long after graduation.

Maybe The Cord connected you with your significant other. Seriously, Cord-cest is a very real thing.

The Cord did so much for those who chose to dedicate their time to this newspaper during their studies at Laurier.

I can only hope that it continues to give students a place to call home for another 90 years.     

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