Chili cook-off a go

The United Way will host their annual chili cook-off fundraising event in Wilfrid Laurier’s concourse on Oct. 19 from 12 to 1 p.m. While the event may have been compromised by the newly implemented rule of no cooked foods in the concourse, it has been tailored to meet the necessary health requirements. Laurier’s food services will donate prepared chili to […]

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Oct. 7, 2010

Graffiti On Sept. 27 at 9:05 a.m., a special constable on foot patrol found offensive graffiti on a wall in the Arts Building. The graffiti stated “fuck all chinks”. It was removed by PP&P. Theft under $5000 On Sept. 28 at 10:30 p.m. a special constable investigated the theft of a coat from a residence. The coats owner had attended […]

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Eastbridge fire station opens in Waterloo

On Sept. 29, the long-awaited groundbreaking for the new Eastbridge fire station took place at the intersection of University Avenue and Woolwich Street. “It’s a really special moment for this community and a moment we’ve been waiting for quite a long time,” Brenda Halloran, the mayor of Waterloo, said during a speech. The building of the new fire station, the […]

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Laurier’s three-part master plan released

On Wednesday,Wilfrid Laurier University revealed its campus Master Plan to students, faculty and staff. The plan was visible on presentation boards set up in the concourse, however, there did not appear to be anyone there from IBI group, the company who developed the plan, to answer any questions students might have. The plan is being developed with some main goals […]

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Sept. 30, 2009

“The torch is basically the flaming torch of injustice.” –AW@L member Adam Lewis explaining why the group has released a statement resisting the Olympic torch celebration that will take place in Kitchener. “I can’t even explain it really, I jogged off to the sidelines and forgot we even scored.” –Hawk’s quarterback Evan Pawliuk on his first touchdown pass in his […]

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Construction almost complete

The summer campus renewal construction project is finally nearing completion; however, there are still a few elements that need to be finished. According to Mark Dettweiler, manager of facilities and planning for physical plant and planning, the main area where work still needs to be done is around Mid Campus Drive. There is some landscaping that needs to be completed, […]

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Program funds university research

Last Wednesday Minister of State (Science and Technology) Gary Goodyear announced $159 million in funding for Canada Research Chairs (CRC). A total of 181 chair positions were either awarded or renewed at 45 Canadian universities. Laurier scientists Mark Eys and Ashley Ward were among those newly appointed as tier two chairs. Each scientist will receive $100,000 annually and will hold […]

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Ontario prepared for H1N1 pandemic

During a media phone interview on Sept. 24, chief medical officer of health for Ontario Dr. Arlene King addressed public concerns regarding the upcoming flu season, the H1N1 strain and the province’s pandemic plan. With the spread of H1N1 across the globe, Canada has had time to adapt its response plan for pandemics to this specific virus. “Based on the […]

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G20 meets in U.S.

Instead of rolling out the red carpet, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania literally shut down to host, or more accurately accommodate, last week’s G20 summit. From Sept. 24 to 25, the city welcomed numerous global heavyweights, the anticipated slew of protestors, and thousands of additional riot police who had to be called in for backup. American President Barack Obama chaired this summit, which […]

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Laurier offers eco-friendly food containers

Over the summer months Wilfrid Laurier University worked on the development of an eco take-out container project that students can utilize when purchasing food from any vendor on campus. “It’s a way for students to save some money while helping the environment and contributing to a greener Laurier community,” said Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union president Laura Sheridan. Students pay […]

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