Updated: Ezra Avenue street party causes disruption and attracts 1,000 participants

Wilfrid Laurier University and David McMurray, vice-president of student affairs, have released official statements regarding a street party that occurred late on Sept. 2 into the early hours of Sept. 3.

According to the statements, the party occurred on Ezra Avenue which has become notorious for Laurier student street parties and attracted nearly 1,000 people.

A couch and a mattress were burned in the street, causing police and firefighters to “manage the disruption,” McMurray’s email statement read.

Videos from the street party were shared through the barstoolwlu Instagram account and included footage of the crowd hoisting up a couch with a girl balanced on top, and party-goers jumping over the flames that erupted from the furniture that was lit on fire.

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“Street parties do very significant damage to Laurier’s reputation — a fact that impacts you directly. Employers and others place great weight on where you went to university. Laurier has a well-deserved reputation for academic excellence and its sense of community. But this is tarnished by the kind of street gatherings that too often occur around our campuses. Not only that, it’s just a matter of time before someone — it could be you or a close friend — is seriously injured or worse,” McMurray said.

“Laurier offers many ways to make friends, grow personally, and enjoy your university experience in a safe and respectful way. That’s what it means to be a Golden Hawk — smart, fun-loving, supportive, respectful and community-minded. I wish you all a safe and successful year,” McMurray’s statement concluded.

The Laurier Students’ Union has since responded to the party with a “Letter from the President” on behalf of Zemar Hakim that was addressed to undergraduate students.

The letter implores students to express themselves in more positive ways, such as making the most out of the O-Week events that Laurier has to offer first-year students on campus.

“A Golden Hawk cannot soar with broken wings. Please safely and respectfully enjoy your time here at Laurier,” Hakim states in the conclusion of the letter.

Videos have since surfaced on multiple party-centred social media accounts like wlupartylife that showcase the size of the crowd and the fire that was started, with a majority of commenters on these posts criticizing the actions of the students who participated in the unsanctioned street party.

More updates to come.

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