Brantford sees major floods; warnings extended to Southern Ontario

Map released by the City of Brantford highlights areas of flooding by severity. (Twitter/@CityOfBrantford)

Yesterday morning, thousands of residents living in Brantford were faced with flooding caused by large amounts of heavy rainfall and ice jams in the Grand River.

As a result, The City of Brantford declared a state of emergency and issued evacuations in numerous parts of the city.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., some residents in the impacted neighbourhoods were asked to evacuate until further notice. Some individuals will be unable to return to their homes until tomorrow afternoon.

According to CTV, Chris Fiel, Mayor of Brantford, is confident that the high water levels will begin to recede now that the ice jam is no longer an issue.

However, according to the City of Brantford Facebook page, the flooding crisis in some neighbourhoods remains volatile.

Assumption College and Brantford’s Woodman Community Centre are currently providing shelter for evacuees.

Some students at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus were also affected by the flooding.

As a precautionary method, Laurier Brantford’s library was closed as well as various roads and parking garages on campus that were potentially vulnerable to an impact.

Students were asked by the University to be aware of any updates from the City of Brantford and to email University staff for support if in the affected areas.


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