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Expansion and debt at WLU

When local landowners accepted a $58.9 million offer from Laurier last Thursday, the university’s ownership of twelve off-campus apartment buildings (ten on Ezra, two on Bricker and Hickory) became official. Although vice-president of finance Jim Butler says Laurier will need to take out a loan to make the purchase, he is confident that the revenue created by the project will […]

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Major national events of the year

Harper Wins Majority On May 2, the federal government led by Stephen Harper turned his original minority government into a majority, as the federal elections made electoral history. As well, for the first time ever, the New Democratic party (NDP) also managed to secure the position of official opposition, as the Liberal party saw a dramatic fall in their support. […]

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Sustainability up to the students

Since their grand opening in Jan. 2012, Menchie’s has been exceptionally popular despite not having on-site recycling bins, particularly for their signature plastic spoon. Sustainable Waterloo Region’s executive director Mike Morrice suggested that it’s the customers who play one of the biggest roles in driving a business to becoming more sustainable. “To the extent that the customer base shows and […]

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Hungry for more

Gary Ross’s latest project The Hunger Games, opened this weekend to largely positive reviews and record shattering ticket sales. Earning $155 million in its first weekend, The Hunger Games became the third-strongest release of all time, behind Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 and The Dark Knight — both sequels with the strength of a franchise behind them. […]

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Canadian Music Week showcases diversity of genre and talent

Each year for five days in March, Toronto is transformed into a sprawling haven of live music — making the city the ultimate destination for music fans. Celebrating its 30 anniversary, Canadian Music Week was in full swing from Wednesday to Friday with performances by over 800 bands. The Cord checked out a variety of acts over the course of […]

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Beats, Rhymes and Life after Tribe

“For an introvert like myself there aren’t many low points. I like solitude and quiet,” said Ali Shaheed Muhammad — DJ, rapper, producer and former one third of A Tribe Called Quest. Speaking of the departure from the group dynamic to which he became accustomed during the era of Tribe, he added, “But I do miss traveling with the crew.” […]

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Picking the right beer league for you

With the school year finally coming to a close, many Golden Hawk students are finding themselves swapping their track pants for shorts, replacing their Starbucks with Icecaps, and trading in their beer for … well, colder beer. Yes, it is almost that time of year when exhausted students flock home for the long-anticipated and well-deserved four-month summer. And after spending […]

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Do you know your study strategies?

It’s that time again. With April just around the corner, the prospect of exams is near. Unless you have been keeping up with your schoolwork regularly, it is time to sit down and “hardcore” study — this is not an easy feat for most. With constant distractions and increasingly beautiful weather, students prefer to go outside and play a little […]

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New website for Waterloo

Maneuvering around the original city of Waterloo website used to be time consuming, frustrating and sometimes extremely unhelpful. However, the City of Waterloo is in the midst of updating the site to make it much more user-friendly. “We do have our current existing website,” said Gary Williams, director of communication and marketing for the City of Waterloo. “We’re undergoing a […]

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Laurier should appreciate philanthropy

There are a lot of misconceptions, sometimes even bitterness, among students or even young alumni about their university raising funds for its own cause. Even with tuition fees and government support, extra funding is essential for any academic organization to successfully thrive in today’s competitive and constant accelerating world. The Student Philanthropy Council aims to raise awareness of the impact […]

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