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Laurier perseveres at international tournament

During the Mar. 31 weekend in Hamilton, New York, Wilfrid Laurier University’s Debate Society sent four teams of two to compete at the Colgate IV Invitational Debate Tournament. The debate was held at Colgate University and hosted 48 different teams from around the world. “The types of people [the Debate Society] went up against were just amazing, so it’s really […]

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Thanking student group’s charitable contribution

On March 31, a team of four WLU BBA’s (class of 2010) along with 300 other guests held a charity gala in Support of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. The inaugural Memory Ball, was held at a downtown Toronto loft venue, Andrew Richards Designs. The goal of the event was to raise awareness for the Alzheimer Society within a younger […]

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Tell me when to laugh

I remember the first time I was exposed to The Office. Intimate and raw “documentary” style footage inspired humor by exposing awkward reactions and stupidity. Awkwardness and irony are the two dominating styles of comedy utilized in this century. Sitcoms using laugh track are still prevalent, as in the case of the increasingly popular How I Met Your Mother. Yet, […]

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Correction: “Breaking the political ‘mould'”

In the Mar. 28, 2012 article “Breaking the political ‘mould,’” NDP leadership candidate’s name Niki Ashton was misspelled as “Nikki Ashton.” The Cord apologizes for the error.

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Copyright modernization: enhancing education and job creation

With the passage of the Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-11), Canada’s copyright laws will move into the 21st century with a framework that is forward-looking and flexible, bringing Canada in line with technological advancements and ensuring our continued leadership in the global digital economy. Bill C-11 establishes an environment that promotes innovation, attracts investment, and creates jobs. It ensures that […]

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Crocker honoured by Laurier, team Canada captain

Cassie Campbell has one message for the nominees of the 2012 Outstanding Women of Laurier award. Keep it up. Continue playing sport at a competitive level, don’t halt your community presence and don’t let your academics falter. Because you have been weighed, you have been measured and now the pressure’s on to stay in the spotlight and break down the […]

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Two-vehicle crash at King and University

A blue Suzuki motorcycle and black Acura collided at the intersection of King St. and University Ave. this evening. The damage to the Acura appeared to be minor and no injuries have been reported thus far. The two northbound lanes on King St. have been blocked off in order for police to investigate the cause of the accident. More to […]

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Ontario budget brings cuts to student support

TORONTO (CUP) — Cuts to student aid and support for international students are just some of the proposals included in the Ontario provincial budget released March 27. The post-secondary sector will, however, see the 30 per cent tuition grant continuing, with a recommitment from the Liberals to fund more post-secondary spaces, as seen in last year’s budget. There will be […]

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Research Profile: Joanne Lee

Language is easily and naturally learned by young children through everyday interactions, but the same can’t be said about mathematics and numeracy. Joanne Lee, an associate psychology professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, is addressing this issue through her research and community programs. Lee specializes in developmental psychology of young children, focusing on the early childhood education (ECE) years of ages […]

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A teen movie, but not

Despite all the hoopla that has been circulating the current release of The Hunger Games, moviegoers should be mindful not to overlook another cinematic gem that was recently released. Its name? 21 Jump Street. Why should you see it? Let’s just say it’s a little more lighthearted than its dystopian neighbour in the theatre next door – one which garnered […]

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