You know what yanks my Cord…

When WLUSU (Wilfrid Laurier Unviersity Students’ Union) wastes students’ money on the perceived necessity that is our technological overindulgence.
Our world is becoming increasingly more integrated through the plethora of communications and social networking tools provided to us.

This kind of mentality gave birth to the glorious idea that became the WLUSU smartphone application. While I wasn’t able to test out the application on my Blackberry (it’s coming soon they swear), I was able to test it out on my iPod Touch, and this app is almost, almost worth the five second installation wait.

Not only is the WLUSU app an RSS feed with PUSH notification, it’s also… wait, that’s all it is.
If you are going to waste money on an app, why not finally give us something that integrates our student email or MyLearningSpace to our phones?

Why not just get some Laurier computer science students to develop the app for credit or as a co-op job, since open-source developer kits have made making phone applications?

The smart thing to do would be to utilize application advertising to offset the cost of developing and maintaining the app, but nope, that would get in the way of my screen space for finding out what’s going on in the world of WLUSU this Saturday night.

Seriously though, how many people fiend for WLUSU updates? To me, this application was only developed to quell (partially) the foaming at the mouth of those who are way too integrated into WLUSU.

Between the smartphone app, the multitude of LCD TVs around campus and the recent discovery of the massive budget fail that is the Terrace expansion, students are increasingly disinterested in what the students’ union has to say.

Why don’t we meet in the middle? How about the students’ union develops a PUSH notification that students will actually pay attention to, like every time they buy something frivolous?