You know what yanks my Cord…

… the poster sale in the Concourse.

First years love it but everyone else dreads it — and for good reason. If you were in the Concourse last week you know exactly what I’m talking about. The Imaginus poster sale — you shudder when you hear the name.

Every year it shows up for a couple days, then thankfully they bugger off for a few months. So why do I hate it so much?

Firstly, the location. Could they put it in a more inconvenient location? Of course it helps their sales putting the event in one of the highest traffic areas of the school, but in doing so, it becomes the world’s biggest pain.

Secondly, the timing. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that all of the first years have hideous dorm rooms and want to make them original and in first year I did the same. Annoyingly however, while all first years are buying posters, everyone else is buying textbooks.

So this means hundreds if not thousands of students are funneled into the one metre gap between the Bookstore line and the vast array of posters. How lovely, two companies making enormous amounts of money while both of them make students miserable.

Now that first year is just a memory, I really wish Laurier would ditch the poster sale. It’s an annoying money grab that inconveniences all students.

Please, get rid of it. Or at least host it at a different time in a different spot.

Please, for everyone’s sake (or at least just my sake).

Alex Reinhart