You know what yanks my Cord…

…Pretentious biz kids. Now, let me be clear in saying that not all business students fall into this category as I am careful to avoid painting individuals with the same brush. I know many who are kind, hardworking and genuinely awesome people. Yet there are those who never fail to raise my blood pressure and more often than not force me to find the nearest wall to put my fist through.

These pretentious biz kids aren’t difficult to spot either. They are rude, obnoxious, sport expensive clothing that the Bank of Daddy funded and, for some reason or other, believe that a [delusional] God has blessed the ground they walk on. What is more, they believe that because they will — arguably — one day graduate from the BBA program, they will be raking in six-figure salaries and laughing at poor arts and science students as they drive by in their Beamers and Mercedes.

In response, I am left scratching my head wondering who put such a silly idea in their heads. As in any career or job opportunity, a candidate must possess relevant skills and experience; it also helps if that candidate’s head hasn’t inflated to the size of a beach ball. With the economy the way that it is at the moment, a piece of paper can’t get you anywhere on its own, regardless of whether it says BBA, BA or BSc.

Even if these pretentious biz kids stood in a better position to earn the salaries that they daydream about, I pity their superficial pursuit of wealth and neglect to find a career that they will actually enjoy. Until these pretentious business students get off their high horses, I, as well many other Laurier students, will continue to avoid the SBE building for the sake of our sanity and to keep the school’s walls intact – unless of course an uncontrollable craving for a large double-double hits us while in the vicinity.

—Barbara Ciochon