Yet another fee increase

This letter is in response to the recent referendum questions that were included in the most recent elections. 

Reading through the platforms of numerous candidates for board members and president I noticed a recurring theme involving the responsibility and accountability when it comes to issues that concern money. If this issue was so important that it needed to be addressed why did we allow the Athletic Complex expansion to pass?

The increase to the Student Life Levy has nearly doubled for the next ten years because of this approval. It can also pretty much be guaranteed that in ten years time that fee will not be removed but simply transferred to another cause.
I applaud the Brantford Campus for being able to stand up against the only referenda that did not pass this year.

Students already complain about the high costs of tuition so why do we continue to make the problem worse for ourselves?

Until we start actively denying these increases to student fees no one is going to be held accountable. I know that I am not the only one who voted against the AC expansion and I implore my fellow negative voters to continue our stand against such increases.

May the newly elected Student Union members be truly accountable to the actions they make rather than allowing the burden to fall on us students in the form of fee increases.

 —Andrew Highgate