World in Brief: Nov 18, 2009

Massachusetts, United States

According to the Calgary Herald, uttering the word “meep” just as the Sesame Street character Beaker famously does has become grounds for suspension at Danvers High School. Reportedly, it has nothing to do with the word itself.

Uruzagan, Afghanistan

The BBC reports that Australian soldiers received a morale boost when their sniffer dog, Sabi, found her way home after 14 months of absence. She had been officially declared MIA after an ambush in September of 2008.

Khakasia, Russia

According to RIA Novosti news, two Russian tourists committed suicide on their snowmobile trip after they had gotten lost. As the only footprints found belonged to the tourists, authorities have concluded no foul play was involved.

Palermo, Italy

CNN reports that the pilot and co-pilot of Tuninter flight 1153, whose crash resulted in 16 deaths, have both received 10-year jail sentences. Investigation had exposed that the pilots prayed instead of engaging in emergency protocol.