World in brief: Nov 11, 2009


Berlin, Germany

The Huffington Post reports that U2 fans were outraged during a concert held to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall. A six-foot security fence built to protect the Irish rockers obscured the group from view during the performance.

Afar, Ethiopia

Experts indicate that a 60-kilometre rift threatens to split the African continent in two. According to the Toronto Star, the split is expected to grow to a length of 5,000 kilometers. Reportedly, the crevice appeared overnight.

Moscow, Russia

According to USA Today, Moscow’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov developed a plan to reduce the city’s snowfall by one-fifth. The plan involves hitting the storm front with silver iodine particles and dry ice. Moscow plans $10 million in snow removal fees.

Arkansas, United States

The BBC reports that Wal-Mart has begun selling coffins with guaranteed delivery within 48 hours. It now appears that the world’s largest retailer can dominate consumer interests even in death.

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